Friday, February 28, 2014

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, GREY DALEK?

Milling About Aimlessly Like An Out Of Control Dalek

Is Justin Welby,  Archbishop of Canterbury, privileged Etonian, former "finance shark" and top decision-maker of the Anglican Communion, a GREY DALEK?

Typical Grey Dalek

He used to look different. A lot different, back in the '80s. That changed. Replaced by something else. Something grey.

Human Welby

Is Justin Welby, the ruler of the world's third largest Christian denomination, Anglicanism, a human? Or is he a space alien? Maybe a GREY DALEK?

Grey Daleks Milling Around Aimlessly

You, the reader, must decide. 

Grey Dalek?

Is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, a space alien? Or is he a GREY DALEK?

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Princess Woo said...

Look. He is a strange space alien. There is NO doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

No he is Davros the criminally insane creator of Dalek who wants to conquer the known universe and make the Dalek supreme.

Dalek being spineless and ugly jelly fish in a trash can on roller skates with two sink plungers and an egg whisk.

“You will accept women and openly gay clergy. You will obey”. “Excommunicate! Excommunicate!” or as the TEC might say "Litigate! Litigate!"