Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boots on the Ground - Occasional Series, or Something

From time to time I do a boot review but it's a rare thing because I don't buy boots very often. One pair of Ariat "Heritage" Stockman and a pair of Wolverine Wellingtons seems to work out just fine for the most part. Reasonably well made boots last a while, if you look after them. With that in mind I wanted to get the young 'un a sturdy pair of combat boots.

better than the rubbish I had to polish

He's in the cadet branch of the Calgary Highlanders and needs a pair of rugged boots for the field. They have to be waterproof, warm and "milspec." You'd think he'd be issued with them but no such luck. Fortunate, then, that I was able to buy a new pair of Canadian Army combat boots for $100 at Crown Surplus. They're goretex lined and sturdy as you like; far better than the fall apart rubbish I was issued with back in the mists of antiquity.

Combat boots aside, he did get issued with a pair of parade boots and I like to see the old ammo boot style continuing for drill. I gave a lesson in "bull".

heel's getting there

"Why," you ask, "should the army encourage its men to polish their boots till they shine like black glass? What possible benefit is that?" For several reasons. Firstly, the enemy will be blinded by the glare of your boots and run in panic. Secondly, in case of coms breakdown the shiny boot makes a handy reflective signals device, like a mirror. Thirdly, a shiny boot looks smart.

keep those regiments!

Well done Canada for keeping on more than a few of your old regiments, such as the Calgary Highlanders, as reserve units. This keeps the various regimental traditions alive and in time of war gives a nucleus for expansion. The cap badge lives, as it were. As I understand it the English just scrapped them all in favor of larger amalgamations. 

Go Army.



Third News said...

Whatever happened to rocking your Doc Martins? You have a misplaced romanticism for war -a very odd lineament for a priest, and perhaps why you were renitent to become a military chaplain.

I love this poem despite only learning of it tonight

LSP said...

Good old Doc Martins! I've never owned a pair, but I was in the Army.

Very much enjoyed Thanatopsis.