Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Church Builders

PCUSA Assembly 

Once upon a time the Presbyterian Church was a grim, Calvinist, 'ban Christmas, support Cromwell' sort of affair. But that was then and this now, with interpretive liturgical dance being the order of the day.

PCUSA, North America's largest Presbyterian body, has suffered a 2 million member decline since 1965, with a 63,027 member loss in 2009 alone. The average age of PCUSAns is 61, evidently. 

Perhaps liturgical dance will reverse such disturbing trends.

More anon - on guns and horses.




bluesun said...

As a member of PCUSA, I've been following their decent into madness with a horrified fascination. If I had to choose between my lovely little church in MT (which is a PCUSA church) and a larger church leadership that is going completely bonkers, I don't know which way I'd go...

LSP said...

You have my sympathy Bluesun -- Anglicanism has a similar amount of bad craziness...

Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

"And now, O Lord of All Inclusive Hedonistic Joys, we pour Thy Sacred Extra Virgin Olive Oil into the Holy Wok of Thy love..."

LSP said...

SR -- nothing quite like a dose of liturgical dance to, er, get the mind moving. Top cooking collect.

ParaPacem said...

Actually, we in the Catholic Church have more than our share of howling wackos - Like the modernist 'cardinal' of LA, "Jolly Roger" Mahony,- has used bare-midriff dancers and twirling men in gauzy shirts - strictly verboten according to Rome - for years. He had a contest for parishioners to invent slogans which would bring in a more "diverse" crowd for Masses.
I supplied the following little ditty, but he never even thanked me. Feel free to use it, wherever it may fit.
To the tune of "Baby Face"

Worship space -
We've got the cutest little worship space!
When our Presider comes to take his place
Dressed in lace,
We don't like to brag
but he looks so good in drag
And how sublime!
When the communicants all form a
conga line.
We don't need faith or grace,
just need your smiling face
in our pretty worship space!

LSP said...

Thanks PP -- 'Worship Space' deserves far wider recognition. Too bad that H.E. "Jolly Roger" Mahoney wasted the opportunity.

More congo lines please...