Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Get Back on the Horse!

After an annoyingly indoors kind of week the toe healed sufficiently to pull on my boots and get out to the horses. JB's made real progress -- she stands still when tied, walks, trots, canters and, for the most part, goes where's she's asked to. In brief, the last month or so has been given over to instilling forward movement, response to the aids and confidence in each other.

Nothing wrong with that, so to celebrate progress we moved into a larger pasture with plenty of room to gallop about. After a short longe we moved out at a walk, followed by a trot and fastish canter; pleased at that I turned her 'round, barnwards, and asked for speed.

Well, there's nothing like obedience and JB was only too obliging to hurtle at breakneck pace towards a small herd of mares and the general direction of barndom and a thorn tree. I stayed on, just, she ducked, I lost a stirrup, she went faster, I lost a rein and held onto the mane, so she bucked and off I glided into the thorns.

No harm done; climbed back on and galloped about the field in a largish way. Set to do the same tomorrow, it's a great thing to go fast on that horse. Must combine that with a long overdue shoot, and that's no bad thing either.

Stay out of the thorn tree and God bless.



bluesun said...

"When you get bucked off, get back on--and don't squat with yer spurs on." --Trail Tip Song, by Riders in the Sky

I can't hear a story of someone getting bucked off a horse without hearing that song in my head.

*goes off to find his Riders in the Sky music

darlin said...

Quite the feisty horse you have there LSP but she waited for you to get back on, that's awesome! She sure is a beauty!

Glad to hear that you're back up and about, try to keep it that way k? :-) Ahhh, yes, it's about time for you to get out shooting again, you must miss that immensely.

Happy trails and aim high when your horse is traveling that fast. I say that because I'm low to the ground and you'll miss me that way! lol

God Bless.

LSP said...

Riders in the Sky? Nice one.

Always essential to get back on...

LSP said...

Darlin, I'll aim high!

darlin said...

You're too kind LSP, thank you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking at it from a different point of view if you didn't get back on you would not respect yourself and the horse would not respect you either.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

LSP said...

That's an extremely good point, Rick.

I'd say that mutual respect between horse and rider is essential -- and it doesn't come automatically...