Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out and About

Drove out to one of the missions to help with a pre-Holy Week clean-up of building and grounds and found myself taking weeds out of flower beds with the Junior Warden; we talked about family, horses, and church. Pleasant; she was a barrel rider and runs riding clinics up and down the land. One day I'll have to pit myself against the barrels in her arena.

Then it was back to the parsonage via the Confederacy flag shop, the falsely named Good Stuff Store - there wasn't any - and the Court House.

The Court House is grand, a relic of the days when cotton was king and downtown LSPland waxed strong and prosperous. It burned not long ago and was well restored - thanks to Willy Nelson, among others. Who knows, perhaps the Town Square will revive itself, along with its temple to The Law; a good butcher, pub and sensibly priced gun shop would help things tremendously.

But in the meanwhile, roosters are kicking up a ruckus in the neighbour's back yard - dogs are mercifully silent.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week,



Anonymous said...

OK, this post features a picture of the confederate flag, a church, and you've mentioned cotton in a positive manner. Enough of this hateful, racist christianrightwingery!!!!

LSP said...

Silverfiddle - you are a sleuth...

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than a Brit gone native!*

*-Her Majesty's loss is America's gain.

Rock on Parson!

darlin said...

LSP, great to hear from you here again. I love that photo of the court house and the biker bar looks like something I've seen in the movies. Roadhouse I think it was but I'm not sure.

Have a wonderful Sunday LSP, take care and God bless!

Pavlov's Cat said...

a good butcher, pub and sensibly priced gun shop would help things tremendously.

Pretty much the same sentiment over here LSP

Claudia Paiva said...


I wish that God bless your week! Jesus will return very soon! Read the Holy Bible! Jesus Christ is the One Mediator between we humans and God! Ask Jesus into your heart, repent of your sins and experience true peace in your life! The peace that no one can steal! Only Jesus can save your soul! Jesus loves you!

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LSP said...

Thanks Claudia - I'll visit.

tom said...

Church, Flag, Cotton, Guns, Willie...sure, even Harleys and a Truck..but what About DOGS, MOBILE HOMES, HUNTING, FISHING, and MILITARY?

LSP said...

Tom - you raise a very good and serious point; there was a sad lack of those things. I will endeavour to supply the absence - soon - though I have to say my fishing is sporadic at best, annoyingly.