Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Ontological Argument

The Selous Scout video came to an end and I looked at Blue Ontology and he looked at me. We were on the porch, the Compound's front office, and it was already getting hot, being March in Texas. 

Blue Philosopher looked me in the eye and softly growled, "Master, I've rephrased the Ontological Argument."

"Oh, you have, have you? Fur head."
"Don't call me 'fur head', your Eminence, I'm excited by modal possibility."

Note Shadow Wolf

So much for a pleasant morning sipping strong covfefe and watching the Bush War, in which a country was sold down the river by the West into the hands of Marxist savages. I prepared myself for a canine discourse; sure enough, it came.

"You see, Parson, Anselm can be re-imagined like this!" exclaimed the four legged philosopher.

"If God exists then he has necessary existence. Either God has necessary existence or he doesn't, and if God doesn't have necessary existence, then he necessarily doesn't exist. "Are you with me?" 

I grunted, idly cleaning the gas block of an FN/FAL (SLR/L1A1). My furry intellectual continued.

"Therefore, either God has necessary existence, or he necessarily doesn't, and if God necessarily doesn't have necessary existence, then he necessarily doesn't exist. Therefore, either God has necessary existence, or he necessarily doesn't exist."


The dog paused while I reflected on the pros and cons of gas impingement v. piston, "Carry on." He did, I couldn't stop him.

"Master, it is not the case that God necessarily doesn't exist. Therefore God has necessary existence and if God has necessary existence, then God exists. Therefore God exists!"

He sat back, satisfied with his logic and doubtless expecting an ontological "treat." I looked him in the eye, "So, you've been reading Plantinga again, have you? Well, I must say it makes a welcome change from Jan Hus."

Milk Bone

And for that he got a bone, a milk bone. It seemed necessary at the time.

Your Pal,



Adrienne said...

Is it necessary to believe this? Or can we necessarily just ignore the logic of our cray-cray eyed furry (and very necessary) friend? it Not Necessarily So?

LSP said...

Sometimes, Adrienne, I think it's best to humor him...

Brig said...

Furry friend Milkbone logic, hmmm

LL said...

Blue Philosopher will say ANYTHING for a bone (or for a Cherry Fried Pie. And he will bite anyone who looks like they're about to deliver the mail or a package for free.

Mattexian said...

I might not understand all the intricacies of the theological debates of our forefathers, but I do agree with the Ultraquist position of the Hussites (communion in both types, as I understand it), as well as "in the necessities, unity; in the non-essentials, liberty; something,something, charity." (Two rounds of chemo brain tends to fog one's memory.)

Too bad Blue Theologian didn't channel some of Saint Nicholas, as he could've slapped some heretics! ;) (My old Bluey-mix girl slapped my ex, back when we were dating.)