Monday, March 5, 2018

A Monday Sermon

Inspired by the new tradition of giving a Monday Sermon containing Bible tips for successful living and the right-on-the-money observation that we no longer have a moral center, I thought I'd add this grist to the mill:

Destroying the human soul, secularism spreads its lethal poison through saturation advertising instead of saturation bombing and relies on ill-informed public opinion rather than ministries of propaganda to further its deadly message. 
Unlike all previous prosecutions, secularism strikes at the very heart of our humanity, destroying all that is special or unique about us. Proclaiming that we can organize our lives apart from God, it ends up alienating us from ourselves and our neighbors. It then demands that we submerge our differences and forget all that makes us unique. Individuality is sacrificed to fads and fashion and all signs of local and national character are swept away. Everything is sacrificed for the sake of economic and political efficiency.

And let's be honest, for the sake of the bank balances of our Millionaire Socialist Elite rulers. So perhaps strike out economics and replace by greed. I'll pass that on to the Editor.

Domus Aurea,



LL said...

I had high hopes of yet another installment in Melania Mondays. But this is a worthy sermon to be given. Amen.

LSP said...

I know, LL, Melania Mondays! is an important series. STAY TUNED.