Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Ugly Face Of Halloween Racism

The day started off well enough, with a famous Texan sunrise breaking through the autumnal mist. It was powerful and while some fail to see the glory of God in creation, it's also true that some are blind. My son wasn't and remarked, "That's very beautiful, Dad." 

So true and on we drove to this rural haven's hallowed hall of free academe. Resisting the urge to think "you get what you pay for," I dropped the kid off at school and headed back to the Compound. Well done. School INFIL complete, it was time for a strong cup of coffee and Morning Prayer, on the porch.

Just Some Tranny

Next task? Walk the dog. The creature of fur was happy to be out and frisked along blindly; he works by scent and keen, batmanlike ears. Not to be trifled with, I can tell you. So all was right with the world or at least with this small slice of latter day Americana that is LSPland.

Then BOOM. We round the corner and there it is, the ugly face of Halloween Racism. No apologies, no ifs, ands or buts, none of that, just simple, unalloyed, brazen racism. 

I stared at the grey-clad figure and wondered at the kind of blindness that thinks it's somehow OK to present the effigy of a Confederate soldier to the world on Halloween. There it was, in its grey uniform and slave-owning cap. 

To add insult to injury, the effigy was clearly genderless, a mocking tribute to non-binary oppression everywhere. 

Blue Cis-Gender snorted and ate something revolting on the curbside and we walked on, trying to put the ugly face of Halloween Racism behind us.

Munroe Bergdorf has nothing to with this, at all.

Carry on,



Adrienne said...

Dear Lord in heaven - I need a cold pack for my forehead after seeing that.

LL said...

I'd never think to see something so horrible in Texas. Ok, outside of Austin.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Ban the cisgender normative holiday of Halloween. It's just an excuse for white folk to display their institutional racism.

LSP said...

I'm sorry, Adrienne. Terrifying, isn't it.

LSP said...

It gave me a nasty shock, LL. No doubt about it.

LSP said...

Infidel, I have three words (#3w):


LL said...

Are Barack Obama masks still politically incorrect now that the moron is out of office?

LindaG said...

Well, the Confederacy lost the war, therefore they should br derided at Halloween, right? And so much of the South us Conservative now, another strike against the Confederacy.

All this... crap about appropriating this and 30 plus sexes that, really annoy me.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend, Parson.

Brig said...

Are you sure that isn't the tranny during down time?
Off topic:
Be of good cheer, Jenny's baby boy has arrived! She sent a pic and he is cute as all get out. Blessings for her and her family, requested.

LSP said...

For some, LL, but I wear my Barack mask proudly. After all, it's all about progress.

LSP said...

Linda, it's INSANE. So too is Satan.

God bless!

LSP said...

Brig, I just laughed, out loud!

And CONGRATS to Jenny!!! Prayers/blessings assured.