Monday, August 7, 2017


There was a big funeral here today and you know what they say, if  you put all the pick ups end to end in this town's parade, it'd circle the earth three times over. Like the True Cross, but not as effective against the Moslem horde, Hattin excepted.


After the funeral, one of the Missions laid on lunch, fajitas and all of that. And I tell you, it was a good result. The Cadet helped out too, after a football practice, and that was good. After three helpings of fajitas he hit the rack. Children have no stamina.


Then, after the team surfaced from a needed re-org, it began to rain. Like silver falling from the clouds and those of you who don't know Texas in August will have to take it on trust.

OK. Military Academy

Of course the weather experts said there'd be no rain but then again, the same fools said polar bears would be drowning inside the Beltway and Donald Trump wouldn't be President.

A Bin Full Of Unicorns

The weather, you see, is a settled science and pop star legend Madonna? Children's author or Devil Witch?




Brig said...

Yes rain, glorious rain.
We had big thunder boomers and lightening last night, and two drops of rain. It's a start...

LL said...

The cadet is growing up. Football will be good for him.

I'm not sorry about the rain because it's proof of climate change for all of those deniers out there.

LSP said...

It was really welcome, Brig.

LSP said...

The rain was good, LL, but the unicorns took a big hit. Sorry, "fellas."