Friday, August 11, 2017

Big Trans Says No Texas Bathroom Bill or Has Satan Driven Them Insane?

There's a law, the Bathroom Bill, which may or may not get through a special session of Texas' state legislature. What is this so-called "Bathroom Bill"? It's a draconian ordinance, forcing people to use the bathrooms of their biological gender. 

So, if you're a man and you identify as a woman you're straight out of luck. Bathroom Bill says you have to use the man's bathroom. Harsh, eh? As in, say goodbye to freedom, Texas. But don't worry; this fascistic law, which threatens to trample our most basic civil liberties underfoot, doesn't seem likely to pass.


That's because Big Business has gone Big Trans, with some 51 Fortune 500 companies, such as Halliburton, opposing the freedom-crushing legislation. All told, over 720 businesses oppose the bill, claiming that it would harm Texas' business friendly reputation and make it hard to attract and retain skilled workers.


Yes. Think of the hundreds of thousands of highly skilled transsexuals who will flee the state if Bathroom Bill gets its way. Imagine the labor shortage, picture the hollowed out shells of once prosperous Mega Corporations lining the gender dysphoric highways of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. 

Dallas After Bathroom Bill

Then, as this apocalyptic vision of the future unfolds, see, with your mind's eye, the downtrodden masses trudging wearily to yet another day of scarcity, oppression and biologically assigned "restrooms." But there is no rest for them, Bathroom Bill killed that.

Blue Chip Satan

Horrific, isn't it. Fortunately, the nation's Blue Chips and their lesser allies should stop this odious law, allowing Texans everywhere to celebrate their gender fluidity in the toilet of their choice. And we have to ask.

Some Bloke That Thinks He's a Girl

Has Satan driven these clowns insane? As you ask yourself that, don't forget that Baphomet's trans.




Jules said...

Well, isn't that just a (pièce) piss de résistance.

LL said...

I can only offer a few thoughts. First if trannies really want to switch, they need a way to change their genetic code. That's the only way to be sure. Thus, they need to work on the research necessary to make that happen and John will genuinely be Jane.

Since that is unlikely to happen, we're to the second prescription: If you don't like the laws in Texas, leave, or flee to Austin where they don't recognize anyone's law but their own. One day, a wall will be built around Austin to keep the freak show contained, but no time soon.

Third - if you're in drag and want to go to the lady's room, you can go in there but you can't saddle up to a urinal to pee. So you can sit with the rest of the girls. If you're a lady dressed up like a guy and you want to sit on the piss-stained toilet seats, have at it. I really don't think that anyone cares. If you're a pervert who likes to mess with little kids and somebody stoves in your head, somebody can call the meat wagon to haul the carcass off and the can take a hose to the floor and wash the blood down the drain - because it's TEXAS.

LSP said...

Jules, I just laughed, out loud.

LSP said...

Thanks for the analysis, LL. All THREE scenarios have their merits, but I'm confused. When and why did the corporates make the decision to go hard rainbow? Judging by the mood of the last election they may have made misread the unicorn. Then again, maybe they're simply possessed and running, like Gadarene swine, with the madness.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

But....there are 31 known genders. That's basic science!

Will all businesses in Texas be forced to build 31 bathrooms?

LL said...

The corporate drones are products of the American University system, which may issue them cuddly plush unicorns to sleep with every night (in their onesies).

There's a statement that "University policy in this generation becomes government (and corporate) policy in the next." I think that's true.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Flee to the mountains, build a compound and don't tell anyone where you are!