Friday, October 6, 2017

Vegas Killer

It's been a busy week here at the Compound and, of course, the specter of the Vegas killer has cast its grisly shadow. Why would anyone commit such a heinous crime?

The consensus seems to be that 64 year millioniare gambler, Stephen Paddock, was simply a deranged psychopath. Well, that's got my vote, but how did he get all those weapons and ammo into his hotel room and operate them effectively for so long? Not easy for an out of shape, flabby electronic poker player. 

For that matter, who was his "mystery guest" and what about video evidence purporting to show another shooter on a lower floor of the hotel? And the bomb materials in his car, and the woman who warned concert-goers before the shooting? And on.

You can read all about it in 16 Unanswered Questions, but at the very least it seems that Paddock was part of a crew. Could that crew be ISIS? They've certainly claimed responsibility and they're known for doing so legitimately. Paddock, they say, converted to the religion of peace six months ago and, no doubt about it, Vegas was on their hit list.

Perhaps this, an eerie, motiveless silence on the part of investigating authorities, is the "lull before the storm."

Just a thought,



Adrienne said...

What I posted today is my take on it for public consumption. What I really think will remain safely tucked in the back corners of my mind because to do otherwise would drag despair from the dark into the sunlight. Last I checked despair was a sin against Hope, and without Hope all is lost. I choose Hope.

God bless you...

Fredd said...

This killer was a major league scumbag, that much is known. I suspect that any affiliation with ISIS can be confirmed sooner or later.

LSP said...

Adrienne, well done on the hope front. I have to admit, I didn't post my darker thoughts/fears. That said, the whole thing stinks to hell. Or, in Anglicanspeak, "stinketh."

LSP said...

Fredd, it seems really unlikely that he operating alone and that, mysteriously, there isn't any video footage, in a Vegas hotel, of his carryings on. Lugging all those weapons up to the 30th something floor, and all that ammo, and setting up a concealed sniper position (big online poker skill), and breaking through storm safe windows, and... it goes on.

I smell skulduggery, to put it mildly. And if ISIS, then who else?