Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Ruler

We have a ruler.

They have a ruler.

And I won't bang on about the Taliban 5, but I will post a rather good picture of some bears.

God bless,



LL said...

I put the same video up on my blog, not having seen yours.

Obama is an embarrassment. What a pathetic loser. And the Democratic Party wants to replace him with a 75 year old woman who "fell down and couldn't get up" and took 6 months off to recover. Maybe Hillary would work out if they made her wear one of those football helmets that they give to autistic people?

You know that it frightens Putin and every other despotic fool on the planet.

LSP said...

Hadn't seen your post either... still, compelling image.

As for The Witch, well, Lord have mercy.

Putin quakes.

Brighid said...

Can Not Watch Obummer it upsets my mind. Putin at least projects that he is a Man. Killary, I recently saw a bumper sticker to vote for her. There are not enough rosary beads in my car to make up for the words I spoke.

LSP said...

Killary -- what a nightmare.

Keep those beads working!

Anonymous said...