Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hillary Clinton Book Flop

For some reason no one seems to be buying Hillary Clinton's awesome book, Hard Choices, in which she details her husband's randy romps through the Oval Office of the most powerful country in the world. Despite that, Hard Choices is tanking and can be found in sale bins across America at a whopping 40% discount off sticker price. 

No Money

Hillary, who is popularly known as The Witch, claims that she was "dead broke" when she left the White House with her polyamorous husband, Bill. Maybe that's why the Clintons made an $855,000 cash downpayment on a $1.995 million mortgage a few weeks before they left power.

No Money At All

The Witch is paid somewhere in the region of $200,000 for her numerous speaking engagements and wants to become President so that she can make enough money to cover her catastrophic book losses.

Dead Broke

Go on, give her your vote, she needs the cash!



LL said...

The totality of the US Treasury won't satisfy her any more than it has satiated Barack and his Chicago cronies.;

LSP said...

Abaddon and the Bottomless Pit spring to mind.

Seriously, who are these people and why have we made them our rulers?

Maybe a Kimber 1911 will help answer that question.

LL said...

I don't think that most Texans consider the Clintons or the Obamas to be "their rulers".

The mob, the "great unwashed", pines for bread and circus and there are hucksters who have figured out how to pander to them shamelessly for the sake of a vote by paying them with other people's money.

LSP said...

It's all fun and games until you run out of other people's money.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Our future President's book tanking? Obviously this is the fault of the patriarchy.

LSP said...

Most definitely, Infidel.

Anonymous said...

LL youre lucky. As an Arkansas guy weve had to put up with clinton incompitence, vulgarity, condenscension, arrogance and lawlessness since the 80's. Now our airport is named Bill and Hillary National Airport. Really? Wth kind of a name is that?

steveincabot said...

Its Bush's fault, clearly