Friday, June 20, 2014

Alright There, Ye Guns

In a big effort to cheat the stereotype, I went for a shoot; nothing fancy, just an AR, a sporter Lee and a .45. I was curious to see if I was still able to use a gun and hit anything smaller than a barn door, like the silhouette of a green terrorist.

Typical Texas Range

Sure enough, the green "terr" took a beating, mostly with the AR, and I was pleased to see decent off-hand groups at 30, 50 and 75 yards. Not so good at 100, annoyingly, and I had to compensate a bit for an ironic tendency to shoot left. Some sort of trigger issue, probably -- don't pull left, LSP! The Lee shot well for an ancient rifle that I'd porch project 'smithed; it was especially good to note that the $50 2nd hand Burris Fullfield scope hadn't drifted. Well done Burris, well done Lee.

Shoot straight,



LL said...

I can't post a photo of a typical Detroit range here on comments, by you'll use your imagination... and be on the money.

Here in Southern California, I arrange sojourns to the desert (not all THAT far away) and simply drive where there are no roads until I'm comfortable that nobody will care that I'm out there shooting.

It looks as if you had a good shoot and that's important. I'm surprised that you didn't have targets of the "evil clown" and other characters made up. Likely your aim would have improved.

LSP said...

Why use a range in Detroit when you've got the streets? But I'll see if I get the time to check one out in August.

LIKE the idea of desert shoots -- jealous of that.

Very good idea viz. Clowns & Co. I foresee a vast improvement in marksmanship.

LL said...

Anywhere you happen to be in Detroit makes a fine range... And there are targets. Lots of targets, and there is no need to worry about the law because the police only patrol about 60% of the city and everyone knows where they go and don't go. It's what the Progressive Movement wants to do to the nation....turn it into a dystopian sci-fi movie.

LSP said...

I remember, all the way back in '97, hearing the New Year gunfire over the river in Detroit. I was fresh off the plane and living in Windsor. Apparently a crew had opened up with autos on Cass Ave, and that was just one incident.

Things have only deteriorated since... Well done, Libs.