Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ordinary Russians Scorn Obama

Ordinary Russian

While Russian leader Putin's inner-circle have responded to President Obama's sanctions by calling the U.S. ruler a "prankster", ordinary Russians are responding in kind, banning "Comrade Obama" from their "amenities", such as workplace cafeterias and toilets.

Obama Sanctioned

Comrade Obama has so far held back from levying sanctions against strongman Vladimir Putin, who is described by some pundits as a "New Constantine."

Russian Street Art

Putin vigorously defends the Church, in contrast to Obama, who attacks it. 


But seriously, who would ever have thought that Russia would end up as the defender of Christianity against godless prog left secularism? 

The spirit blows where it wills.



LL said...

400 years after Christ's death, the Roman Army had his image on their shields and banners. How is THAT for Ironic?

We stopped being the good guys.

I don't blame the Russians for making fun of us.

LSP said...

It seems, LL, that we have. And that's a disgrace.

Not since Jimmy Carter have we been so laughable. Oh, sorry, the Russians didn't laugh at Jimmy Carter.

lukeya said...

No you leave Jim Carter alone. He was a nice guy Padre. Perhaps a bit too nice but that's hardly his fault.

LSP said...

Carter was a fan of the Allman Brothers, Lukeya. Strange, perhaps, but true.

Hope all's well in the land of Rail.

Arimathean said...

Putin is Orthodox like Don Corleone is Catholic - only to the extent that it is good for his respectability.

As an Orthodox Christian, I feel obligated to point out that Russia's victims, Georgia and Ukraine, are both reputed to be more devout nations than Russia. And Russia leads the world in abortions.

LSP said...

The abortion business is a terrible Soviet legacy... Viz. Corleone, I can think of one Metropolitan, who knows Putin, that would vehemently disagree with you. Still, despite my affection for the prelate, I'm tempted to agree.