Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barnyard Face-Off

Lent seems to be proceeding apace and with it an increase in neighbouring poultry, which kick up a row at most hours of the day and night. Sometimes they fire up the local dogs, who answer their strangled crows with fierce barking, but there seems to be less of that lately, thank God.

I tell you, it's not easy to concentrate on the sacred mysteries of the Mass when there's some kind of barnyard face-off between bird and pitbull.

Still, there's plenty of peace of mind to be gained from riding and shooting; who knows, maybe one day I'll be good at both - at once.

I'd say that was a fine ambition, unlike the strange new "hate database" for children in the U.K., where there's evidently a rash of overweight preteens calling each other "gay boy".

Just say no to dhimmitude.


1 comment:

darlin said...

LSP the chickens make me miss the farm even though there's no longer chickens out there. They were sent north to keep warm, the neighbors who are better equipped to have chickens! :-)

God bless and great to see a post from you again!