Thursday, December 8, 2016


My mental alarm got me up just before 0500 and then the physical alarm kicked in, not to be outdone by my not-so-smart-phone, buzzing with textual insistence above the din of the cheap made in China plastic clock. 

At this point you have two options. Turn the racket off and go back to sleep, in which case your position's likely to get overrun, or turn the din off, answer Putin's texts, get up, and advance to contact. I chose the latter option and one gassed up rig later I was on my way to a duck blind, somewhere in Texas.

I got there pretty much on time, after driving through the narrow, winding, pitch black rural roads of the Lone Star State, and walked across a field through fierce cold wind to the blind. Red light, camo, and a group of guys with guns in the enclosed metal space.

It brought me back to the army, the smell and the sight of it, along with the building adrenaline of putting those guns to work any time soon in the predawn. I liked that, I liked the strong black coffee that came with it, too.

Then, just before first light, calling began and several flocks of ducks flew over, fast overhead and out of range. Up! Front! A group of birds appeared like magic out of the half-light in front of the blind. A split second of action, the explosion and muzzle flash  of the guns, and it was over. 

I shot poorly but several birds were down and we waited for more. No joy. Perhaps the stiff chill wind and choppy water of the lake persuaded the ducks to look for a calmer place to land. Maybe an incoming cold front had altered their flight plan. Who knows.

What we do know is that it was worth getting up early and getting out in the field. Big fun. It might even make sense to bivvy up overnight and be in position to shoot the next day, which would save the drive but make for a cold evening. We'll see.

So, a good morning was had by all and then it was back to the Compound to regroup and the next evolution, visiting the sick. But that, readers, is another story.

Don't be a pathetic comsymp lib, LSP

Don't be a pathetic comsymp lib, get in the blind.

Gun rights,


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

No Creed in Brisbane!

"Jeremy" Greaves

It seems that the fun never sets in the zany world of the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC), and the Primate of Australia, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, has added to the hilarity by appointing Archdeacon Jeremy Greaves Assistant Bishop of Brisbane.

A Tired Old Crook, Archbishop Asspinall

Jeremy's a big supporter of gay marriage, go figure, and isn't too keen on the Creed either. Here he is, as reported by David Ould, in an interview with ABC Radio National:

Rachael Kohn: Do you specifically then have difficulties with the Apostles’ Creed that you might like to rewrite it or ditch it?
Jeremy Greaves: I’d be happy to abandon the Creed.

Greaves went on to say that abandoning traditional Christian terms and doctrine was problematic because it might offend congregations and have an impact on his salary.

“And for so many of us in ministry, we’re locked into a model where the people who sit in the pews pay our salaries, pay our way. I have a wife and three small children to support and so the challenge of being too prophetic and changing too many things too quickly is that there won’t be enough people left in the short term to help me survive financially, and that’s a brutal and very difficult challenge.”

Jeremy doesn't like the Creed, that's why he's a WANC bishop

Perhaps now that Greaves is a bishop, he won’t have to worry about that kind of financial shortfall, or the Creed. Whether any people remain in the pews of Brisbane remains to be seen.

Lambeth Palace declined to comment.

Your Old Pal,


Don't Forget Pearl Harbor

Don't forget, whatever White House press secretaries may or may not say and, by the way, Japan's never apologized for their murderous surprise attack.

If you're in the mood to play Thank Christ for the Bomb,well, go right ahead.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Have you followed the curious story of Big Business meets Big Gay, in which corporate titans like Apple, IBM, the NFL, Kellogg's and Walmart not only promote LGBTQIism but put big money pressure on states that don't go gay? 

You know, like what happened in Arkansas, Indiana, Arizona and on; states that had the sheer temerity to attempt to pass laws protecting businesses that wouldn't bake gay cakes and climb on the pink steamroller.

The Big Gay Corporates have had a pretty good run of success so far, but maybe that's beginning to change after Kellogg's decided to pull its advertising from Breitbart because it and its 45 million readers, "aren't aligned" with Special K's "values as a company." Because, in other words, Breitbart refuses to ride the rainbow.

Since then, Breitbart's launched a campaign to boycott the bigoted cereal behemoth and Americans everywhere are dumping the hated Kellogg's breakfast brand.

You too can be a part of this popular movement to fight back against Big Gay Corporate tyranny by signing the petition to #DUMPKELLOGGS here.

Your Old Friend,


Hey, Check Out These Clowns

Vicious rumors that Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and top decision maker in the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion (WANC), has been spotted in Detroit hustling for spare change are presently unconfirmed. But we do know this. The Episcopal Church's Diocese of Central New York has a new bishop figure!

Some Clowns, Goofing Off in Church

That's right, De De Duncan-Probe, Ph.D, was made Bishop of Central New York on December 3. No kidding. De De Duncan-Probe, Ph.D, is the first ever womyn bishop figure of the 13,000 member, and shrinking fast, diocese.

Hey, Good Lookin'!

Here's what De De Duncan-Probe, Ph.D, had to say about the state of the nation:

“I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude today as I join the people of Central New York in ministry. Especially because I believe we have a crucial role to play right now. The Episcopal Church’s radical welcome, and our commitment to reconciling dialogue, make our communities a beacon of hope in an increasingly divided society.”

Or, roughly translated, "I'm a pathetic whining lib on the wrong side of history."

Just Clownin' Around

Sorry, De De Duncan-Probe, Ph.D, your crew lost and lost hard, but maybe your famous radical welcome will fill all those empty pews. 


Good luck, Diocese of Central New York.

Your Old Pal,


Monday, December 5, 2016

Melania Mondays!

Some people don't like Mondays, they feel it brings the whole week down. But we don't feel that way at the Compound. And that's because Monday means Melania Mondays! and a chance for one and all to get an uplifting glimpse of the stylish, attractive and clever First Lady in waiting.

Imperial Melania

So what's the attractive and popular Melania been up to since last Monday? Only forcing the aggressively overweight sapphist, Rosie O'Donnell to apologize for bullying Barron. Well done, Melania, standing up for children everywhere! But there's a cloud on the horizon.

Elegant Melania

Michelle Obama's clothes designers won't make dresses for Melania. Disaster! Or not. Team consensus is that our kind and lighthearted Presidential Consort isn't too threatened by this. Don't ask us why, it's just a feeling, call it "instinct" if you like.

Oh my...

Just think, soon we'll have Melania in the White House, once she's sorted out Barron's schooling. Will that make a difference from what we've been forced to look at for the last eight long years?

You, the readers, be the judge.


On Patrol

Everyone has their rituals. For John Podesta, for example, that means occult ritual magicke, Satan style, but here at the Compound we choose a different path.

Get up early, put the kettle on and make tea as you answer texts from Putin while scanning for intruders coming through the morning mist. Comms with Vlad closed and perimeter secure, take Blue Fighting Patrol for a walk to the local pick 'n steal and get some coffee.

Sometimes Blue Unmentionable "marks" 1st Baptist and 1st Methodist, sometimes he doesn't. That's up to him, there's no "rule."

Then it's back to base in time for Morning Prayer and none of your newfangled rubbish either, 1928 BCP and thank you very much for a usable psalter. If I was a Roman Catholic it'd be Latin, but that's another story.

A Pair of Thieves

So there you have it, readers, all three of you. The morning ritual. In other news, sources in the Intelligence Community say that the Standing Rock Sioux are fixing to scalp the migrant gangs of hippies that are defiling heir sacred lands. And who can blame them?

Gun rights,


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Madonna Ashamed To Be Human Being

A Clown

Aging superstar, Madonna, told adoring fans at a Miami fundraiser that she was "ashamed to be a human being."

Her comments came during an hour long performance, in which the 58 year old songstress dancer dressed as a clown and exclaimed, "It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being really."


Madonna is famous for being a multi-millionaire socialist Illuminati stooge of the globalist New World Order and for being an English, ahem, Lady.

Nobody Cares

The well preserved popstar is famous for her opposition to President-Elect Donald Trump. However, as one UK based expert put it, "Nobody cares."

What a clown.

Kick out the JAMS.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jill Stein Epic Lib Loser

Jill Stein, Losing With a Kitty

Not content with drawing pathetic crowds and fewer votes, Jill Stein felt driven to waste millions of dollars on recounts in several traditionally blue states that went red for Trump. Why?

Jill Stein, Losing With a Clipboard

Was she trying to enrich the coffers of the dismally losing ticket Green Party? Was she acting as a shill for the Shill-in-Chief, Hillary? Perhaps it was all part of a grand strategy to mobilize the progleft base for activism during the next four years of Trumpism. You know, give all those transgender revolutionaries a cause to fight, "The elections were rigged, man!"

Jill Stein, Losing on an Escalator

Irony aside, Stein's dropping out of her attempt to force a statewide recount in Pennsylvania because of "lack of funds." To quote ZeroHedge:

So did Stein really spend all the $6 million-plus she raised or was the decision made to save the scammed millions instead of pressing ahead with a futile unwarranted recount? (or did Soros run out of cash?)

Jill Stein, Losing on the Sidewalk

Right on, Stein. Where's all the money?

You are an epic lib loser.


Don't Go Blind

Get up before first light, scan the perimeter and head down the road to the Cowboy Church's men's prayer breakfast; good bunch of guys. Then visit the sick and drive back to the Compound to take care of business. A pretty regular Friday morning, and then I got the call.

"Hey, LSP, I've got oars."
"Oars?" I replied, sharp as a tack. 
"Yes, oars. To activate that boat. See you at the lease in an hour."
"Right on."

Look. Oars and a YETI. #TrumpsAmerica

Before too long I was staring at the old V Hull on the banks of the Big Pond, while GWB wrestled with oars. The idea being to get the thing in working order to serve as a short order duck craft and fishing boat. Get out there, round up those decoys and ducks and catch those monster bass, type of deal.

A Duck Hunter

Sure enough, the oars worked and worked well, though I dismally failed to catch anything. Still, it was neat to navigate the pond and check out potential places to shoot from the water.

Blind as a Bat 

Blue Champion had a good time too, rolling about in the field, challenging aggressive cows and generally carrying on like a dog. It was good for him to get out and though he's pretty blind these days it doesn't seem to faze him. He's well capable of running on nose and ears.

A Typical Blind

Recce patrol over, it was time to return to the Compound, "See you tomorrow at 0600," said GWB, who's an avid duck hunter. Well, I woke up at 0500 to the sound of pounding rain and promptly fell back to sleep.

Next time.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

You Filthy Little Beast

No, not the repellent Anthony Weiner, just this deadly assault rifle! That's the problem with ARs, they get filthy dirty because of their gas impingement system and if you don't clean them they don't work. 

A Democrat. Repellent.

Similar, when you think of it, to our system of governance; if its not cleaned out periodically it gets clogged up with filth and breaks.

A Gun

With that in mind, I took down this AR down and gave the beast a scrubbing. It's a good weapon, dirt aside, with a CMMG lower, a nondescript Anderson upper receiver, a Bison (? I forget...) 16" barrel, Hipertouch EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger), CMMG bolt carrier group, Fortis lightweight handguard, Magpul stock and open sights and a Mega pistol grip.


The gun started off as a stock CMMG carbine, which was fine until I wanted an upgrade. Thanks to a kind church person, who built me an 18" barreled Upper upgrade, I was left with spare parts and an interest in putting a gun together myself. 


So I did, using the old CMMG Lower and BCG (Bolt Carrier Group) and, long story short, came out of the action with two DARs (Deadly Assault Rifles), one long and geared towards precision and the other short and sharp. Learned how to build an AR15 too, which is a valuable skill by anyone's reckoning.

Sorry, Libs, You Lose

Unless you're a pathetic, whining, comsymp shill for the ultra-wealthy transnational NWO Globalist Elitocracy, in which case, like Hitler, you want to stop people from owning guns. Well guess what, Illuminati Satanists, you lost this time in America. Who knows, maybe Europe will follow suit.

Gun rights,


Sunrise at the Compound

The sun rose over the Compound to the usual morning chorus of roosters, crazed peacocks and pyschotic dogs.  Blue MAGA didn't care, he was busy gnawing on a cast off steak bone. 

Like a lot of our international readership, Team LSP doesn't like to waste steak bones and after they've been gnawed clean they're turned into finely honed push daggers. Waste not, want not.

Crazed Millionaire Socialist

In other news, it looks like the bizarrely overpaid and traitorous Megynne Kelly is switching networks. For more millionaire socialist dollars, presumably. 

Shoot The Gun #TrumpsAmerica

Who is this "Megynne" anyway?