Friday, August 27, 2010

Horse & Steak

Back in Texas, which means horses -- mine appears to have regressed and now thinks she doesn't have to be ridden -- and steak. The latter's alright, but how to fix the former? Much more riding, daily if possible, and lots of patience. Well worth it, as the offending quadruped's a joy when she's going well -- very fast, powerful and smooth in her gaits. When she's being difficult... different story altogether, but whoever said life'd be easy?

Viz. steak -- I prefer a charcoal Weber, after using a propane thing in Canada. Regardless, dove season's right round the corner and with it the opportunity for some mixed grill and a chance against the avian acrobats.

On a different theme, two Metroplex lesbians tried to enroll their daughter at St. Vincent's Cathedral School in the diocese of Fort Worth, only to be rejected. Now, like it or not, diocesan policy is pretty clear about its trad stance on sexual ethics and St. Vincent's reflects that in its teaching. So why would two people try to enroll their child in a school that's openly against their lifestyle? Surely Jill and Tracey Harrison weren't trying to use their child to make some sort of political capital? I mean, its not as though two people who made the effort to go to Canada in 2006 and get married might be lesbian activists, or anything like that.

Just a thought.



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Down by the River

Visited 'Red's' sister's place, which is just off the Detroit river in downtown(ish) Windsor; it's a converted attic with a neat deck overlooking the rooftops and trees. Beautiful and remarkably lush after Texas.

She shares it with her 13 year old son, Thomas. He's been learning a kind of 'Britspeak' in my honour and says "Good Lord!" after hairy scrapes on Halo 3. I've taught him that garage is pronounced garridge. We'll see if that sticks.

Regardless, a few more days here then it's back to Texas, the countryside and searing heat; it'll be good to get back though I have to say I'll miss Canada -- a bit of a cross between England and the U.S., I always think.

Cheers and belated blessings for the Feast of the Assumption.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Motor(way) City

Life has a strange way of sending me to Detroit, but I'll spare you the backstory... regardless, after the trial of modern interstate air travel -- not dissimilar to catching a bus from Victoria Station to Canterbury in the '80s in terms of time and discomfort -- I clambered off the plane and into Motor City to see an old friend before going across the river to Canada.

'Red' was using a crowbar to jimmy up great slabs of concrete from his back yard when I arrived. He's fixing up his house you see, which is hard work at the best of times; till then it'll be a little bit Fight Club -- the house should look good when it's done though.

Remarkable city, Detroit; I'm in Windsor now, but if I get the chance I'll venture back across the river for a tour and some pictures, hopefully before the place reverts to wilderness.

Missing guns and horses -- must check out the local range, don't think there's much of a riding opportunity here, annoyingly.



Friday, August 6, 2010

Horse & Dog

Back in the far off, halcyon days of mid '90s London, when bushcraft and associated pursuits were still a concept in the mind of SBW (great blog) and King's Cross seemed like a good place to go dancing -- well, I would have raised a quizzical eyebrow if you'd said that I'd be a country parson in rural Texas. How things have changed, thank goodness.

These days I like nothing better than to get up for one more perfect sunrise, say the Divine Office and head off to the not so distant lure of...

ferocious dogs.

Highbrow Throroughbreds,

and a brisk workout in the equine way; good for mind, body and soul, especially when allied to guns of all sorts. But more of that anon.

Hunt 'em up.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Belloc - Modern Attack

From time to time I like to read to read Belloc, one of the more aggressive catholic apologists of the last century and a sort of 'bad cop' to Chesterton's good one. Here's what he had to say about modernism and the nascent secular state:

"The Faith is now in the presence not of a particular heresy as in the past - the Arian, the Manichean, the Albigensian, the Mohammedan, nor is it in the presence of a sort of generalized heresy as it was when it had to meet the Protestant revolution from three to four hundred years ago.
The enemy which the Faith now has to meet, and which may be called "The Modern Attack," is a wholesale assault upon the fundamentals of the Faith, upon the very existence of the Faith. And the enemy now advancing against us is increasingly conscious of the fact that there can be no question of neutrality. The forces now opposed to the Faith design to destroy. The battle is henceforward engaged upon a definite line of cleavage, involving the survival or destruction of the Catholic Church. And all, not a portion, of its philosophy."
You can read the whole thing here, from chapter seven of The Great Heresies (pub. 1938).
I think his analysis is pretty much on target, whether his conclusions follow remains to be seen.
In the meanwhile, horse training proceeds apace, with Jeanne Belle (Thoroughbred mare) making excellent progress -- lunges well, gaits are becoming smoother, there's increased collection and all 'round improvement in manners. Still, a long way to go for the pair of us; I'll post some photos when the camera decides to work again/is replaced.

Unholy Communion


The little ACoC (Anglican Church of Canada) is at it again. Desperate to bolster dramatically reduced numbers, Ontario clergyperson, Rev. Marguerite Rea, gave 'communion' to an Alsatian dog at St. Peters, Toronto. After a gentle reprimand from her bishop, Rea stated that her actions were "a simple way of reaching out."


In the meanwhile, the strangely shrinking ACoC continues on its trajectory out of earth orbit, with the tacit approval of its richer southern cousin, TEC (The Episcopal Church) and its leaderene, Jefferts Schori.

All rumours to the contrary, TEC, ACoC and the COE (Church of England) are not about to implode into something resembling a black hole in the icy depths of space.

To the stars!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

It's been an unusually hectic couple of weeks, what with worship,

teaching the faithful,


training the horse (huge thanks to VS for training me...), working to some kind of deadline for the religious press, and reading Owen Chadwick's outstanding book, 'Spirit of the Oxford Movement.' Here's an excerpt, on Keble, who famously stated:

'If the Church of England were to fail, it should be found in my parish.'

And Chadwick's commentary:

'The stance is so squared and so real that it takes a moment to see how cloud-capped are the towers he defended.'

I fear LSPland isn't so very far from the same battlements; with that in mind, have a blessed Independence Day and stand vigilant for freedom.

Off to clean guns now.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spurious Slice of Country Life

Managed to persuade one of the sisters to get on a horse. She had a good time.

I galloped about on Be-Bop,

and had a shoot.

Total enjoyment! At Camp Crucis now, teaching the St. Michael's Conference along with Apostolicity and Texanglican. Good result.

God bless,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Space Alien Face-Off!

Code Pink took exception to their leader the other day, hurling abuse and 'things' at 'Speaker' Pelosi. 'Speaker' appeared to be in the grip of some disease, stating, "You have made your point, you have made your point", but the sub-aliens weren't buying and the "Go home to Gaza" jeers only intensified.

Speculation continues as to whether 'Speaker' is in the throes of Mogadon addiction or merely malcircuiting.

This site stands against the alien/robot invasion.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Horse Sunday

After Sunday's Masses I drove through the pastoral idyll that is Brandon to visit the new horse and begin her training, and mine, in groundwork. For Geniebelle this is important because she's been left to her own devices for seven years and hasn't been ridden in that time.

Green Broke Thoroughbred

This means that she has to learn yielding, manners, leading, longeing and various basic skills, such as not trying to use humans as a scratching post, or attempting to jump over fences she's tied to... After a high-strung start she did well, and began to show signs of respect/obedience -- standing still when tied with far fewer incursions into my space. She longed fairly well too and didn't act out on the trot when I was in the saddle.

16 Hands

It was hot work and for me the beginnings of a new skill -- I tell you, you've got to be fast on your feet. Big things, horses, and powerful with it. They're not pets, you see.

Must work out a systematic training program for the beast - - I'm looking forward to that; GB's certainly got the potential.

God bless,


PS. Check out Buesun's site - I was moved by the story of the baseboards - and SBW has a neat post about bear hunting.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gone to the Dogs

There's a good new tradition here - ecumenical dog trials, which take place at the local Cowboy Church's arena. Our Mission provided the food; pulled pork and brisket today and very tasty it was too.

So was the canine action, with plenty of sharp work between the hooves. The average score came in at around 7 minutes and 30 points, with the best achieving double that in the same time. I'd say the skills are similar but it's altogether more high energy than the sheep variant, not that there's anything wrong with that either.

After the dogs it was down to the hospital to visit the sick, say Evening Prayer then visit the horses. They seemed well; I'm looking forward to working with the new mare tomorrow after Mass.



Friday, June 4, 2010

Texas is Great

Why is Texas great? Well, simply because it is. I like the guns, dogs, horses, BBQ, farms and general sense of freedom, the religion's not bad too - at least from a trad Anglican perspective; lets hope all that increases instead of the opposite. Speaking of farms, here's a picture of Bonnie shifting bales out of her pickup. I offered to help but she just grinned and fired away till they were all sorted in no time flat - Bonnie's 70 - I probably would have slowed her down...

Apologies for not visiting the blogs - life's been strangely busy...

God bless,