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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Well That'll Save 'Ya From The Jihad

In the wake of the horrific Jihad attacks in Brussels, Belgians have hit on a novel way of stopping Islamic terrorism, by drawing love messages and making peace signs on the streets.

Here's a beautiful heart. Maybe that'll stop the Jihad.

And what about a Peace Sign. Get scared, Jihad.

Perhaps a peace rally in Molenbeek itself, Europe's very own Islamic terror HQ, will do the trick. Watch out, ISIS, run for the hills. Well, they are, but that's because Russia's bombing them, you know, with bombs, not peace symbols.

Don't get me wrong, sympathy for the terrorist's victims is surely good, as is a desire for peace. Well done, but so too is a realistic understanding of a real threat, Islamic terrorism, which arises from the nature of Islam itself and the example of its founder.

Winston Churchill was ignored and scorned for asking Parliament to read Mein Kampf and recognize the Nazi threat. The same thing holds true for the Koran and the Hadith. Pretending otherwise won't bring peace but it's exact opposite.

In the meanwhile, as we appease...

ISIS laughs,