Incredible Video!

Cleaning Guns the LSP way.

Riding with LSP.

The Dog is Free. Blue Perpetrator's back from dog jail.

Storm Walker -- Go for a stroll in the storm, LSP...

Catch And Release. Bank fishing on Lake Whitney.

Morning Tea With LSP


Shoot! It's Spring... get a tripod, LSP.

Fishing With LSP on St. Patrick's Day. Caught a rock, caught some fish.

YETI Rambler 20 oz Review

Keep your teeth in, LSP.

It started off as a normal armed stroll to the Pick 'n Steal...

Time for bed.

All about THE HAT.

Morning has broken and none of your rubbish by "Cat" Stevens.

What is Texas, a library, boots, a Glock?

Tea, best drink of the day!

Life's great, on the porch.

Go for a tour.

Let's hear it for Ray's, and Yeti.

The Mighty Magnum. Thanks, LL.


Brig said...

Love your videos, but WTH you live in Texas, and it is wrong that Blue was jailed. He may have known something about the delivery man that was not apparent to humans...

LSP said...

Thanks Brig and exactly... this is TEXAS, for God's sake.

I'll spring Blue out of gaol Tuesday/Wednesday and I agree, he sensed something wrong about that Fedex person.