Friday, July 6, 2018


You know what it's like. Walk out the door and you're in an oven, a preheating oven and there's no respite. Open the door to your rig and a blast of oven-hot air comes out and pounds you in the face. Relentless.

All in all it's like a furnace, so hot it seems the very air itself might ignite. That's probably why there's been a burn ban; wouldn't want any stray sparks catching the air on fire, would we.

And that's Texas in July, hot as Hell's Narthex, which was all too apparent in the parking lot of this asset-stripped rural haven's Walmart. 

There we were, the heat, the rig, the melting asphalt, Madonna singing Rain, it was hard to even move and then there it was. A cloud, a rain cloud.

It pulled in from the East and gathered momentum, thunderheads, and sure enough the heavens started to growl and rumble. Then lightning arced down like Satan falling from power and it began to rain.

Some of you, maybe all, will understand this. But whatever, take it as read that this Climate Change is a sure and certain gift from God.

Chill out,



LL said...

Texans finally paid enough tax.

Glad you had some relief.

Jim said...

We could use a bit of that rain here in Kansas right. We are getting the moisture, but it's in the form of humidity and doesn't have the same impact.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

We need to ban climate change. Someone ought to pass a law banning 100 watt light bulbs and high-flush toilets as these cause climate change.

No wait, those laws have already been passed. And still the climate changes. Leonardo DiCaprio, save us!

LindaG said...

Exactly. No matter the weather, God is in charge.
Not we puny humans.

I can remember times when the steering wheel is too hot to drive without putting a towel on it.

We had a crazy thunderstorm last night. And supposed to be more this weekend.
I guess we will see what God prefers.

God bless. :)

LSP said...

LL, it's been brutal.

LSP said...

Humidity doesn't help, Jim, I know this.

LSP said...

Leonardo had an "incident" with a bear, Infidel.


LSP said...

Well said, Linda!