Monday, April 30, 2018

Ye Gods, I've Caught The Carp!

Unlike Satan, I try to take a day off, on Mondays, and what better way to spend part of that than checking out a new place to fish. It's not hard, put some rods in the bed of the truck, buy some kolaches and strong covfeve and off you go.

I arrived at the top secret Texan objective around Noon, after an intensive bout of front office porch work with the flock all morning, and sized things up. It looked right, smelled right, sage and cedar, and felt right. But would it be right and produce a catch?

Sure enough it did. Right out of the gate fish were tugging and thumping against my complex, scientific lure, a worm on a #6 bait holder allied to a single split-shot weight. Nice and easy does it, and then pull, a fish was on the hook and up came the first of five catfish. Good result.

Remembering that movement is a sign of life, I changed position and gently twitched the almost free floating bait along the bottom, but not for long. Something like Jan Sobieski's Hussars plowed into the hook with the kinetic energy of an ironclad phalanx.

Was it a monster catfish, a Leviathan Bass or something else, perhaps a dolphin? Hard to tell, as the monster of the deep dived, pulled, thrashed and eventually came to the surface. A carp, a huge great carp. Back you go, my friend.

Another even fiercer carp blew up the line again, in just the same spot, and I reeled it in only lose the hook as I brought the beast to land. But so what, we'd battled and one came out the victor. Sorry, carp, you lose this round.

And that was that. Pretty much a fish with every cast and we didn't even have a boat.

Tight lines,



LL said...

Great luck. I don't think that it's worth keeping those carp, but the channel cats are said to make good eating. I've eaten catfish when in the south and it may be that the places I went just knew how to cook them right, but they were very good. I think that you need to make a fishing video or podcast - Fishing with LSP. It would be the companion to Cooking with LSP.

LSP said...

It was a good couple of hours, big fun.

Next time I'll bring a cooler and cook up some catfish. Carp? Back they go but I have to say, the two I had on the other day were monsters and put up a heck of a fight. I've only caught them by accident, oddly. Next time you're in TX, let's go for a guided striper hunt -- guaranteed awesome enjoyment.

And good video call -- I need to get on that (and resurrect Cooking...).

Praying the fire misses the WWM.