Friday, April 20, 2018

So I Went For A Stroll, Dixie

It's not easy having to look at the face of Lyin' Self-Promotin' Comey, leering out at you from myriad screens. Sometimes you have to escape, and that's what I did, strolling through the spacious boulevards of asset stripped rural Texas.

Albanians Run This Place

The cotton's gone now, mostly, but a lot of the bricks and mortar remain of former wealth, albeit re-purposed, and I like that, it gives a sparseness to things and a feel of the frontier. 

Chip & Joanna?

The Spring air is crisp and clear too, unlike the smog you breathe in the plastic sided monstrosity of the Metrosprawl, and that's a benefit all to itself.


You may be surprised to know that this town has no plans for removing its Confederate War memorial, unlike Dallas.

Go on, come and take it,



Mattexian said...

Supposedly, you can tell which way north is by those statues, since they point north to keep a watchful eye on those rascally yankees.

LL said...

When you prowl the streets of Hillsboro, you find that the insanity of Austin, San Francisco, NYC and DC are absent. Life still goes on and people feel that Lying Jim Comey is a fool and a turd.

LindaG said...

That looks like a good place to stroll.
Thanks for sharing it, Parson.

LSP said...

Ours points North East, Mattexian, which seems entirely appropriate.

LSP said...

I totally agree, LL. Some say Lyin' Comey is no better than a traitor. Well, if the coup fits, lock them up

LSP said...

Sure thing, Linda.