Friday, April 13, 2018

Satanist Illuminati Goes To War

Trump has just launched against Assad for... Al Qaeda, the Jihad, and while we're at it, Saudi Arabia. Good work, Illuminati Satanists, we're now on the edge of World War Three.

And why? Because Assad apparently used chemical weapons on his own people as he was winning a war. Because he's an evil idiot? Sorry, that adjective applies to the bombers.

I'm tempted to say WTF. As it is, please pray this doesn't get any further out of hand.

Remember this, he was a murderer from the beginning.

Your Friend,



LL said...

The Russians, who threatened to destroy US (and presumably British and French) platforms who launched on Syrian gas production and storage facilities. Making good on that will make them look stupid - there was no attack on their puppet satrap nor on their air, naval or ground facilities. The focus on the attack was very narrow in scope and it lasted about 10 minutes until the targets were obliterated.

Naturally there is some embarrassment to the Russians in that their famed (expensive) S-400 anti-aircraft umbrella didn't do much good. But enough embarrassment to start WW3? Over Syrian poison gas facilities?

We'll see if we wake up in the morning or if it turned into "nuclear combat, toe-to-toe with the Ruskies". If Blue Oracle is sleeping soundly, we all should be able to.

drjim said...

Hopefully some kind of face-saving stand-down can be arranged.

Anonymous said...

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Night Wind said...

Trump's attack on Syria last year was foreign policy blunder; this one is going to be a foreign policy disaster.

If I were leading Russia right now, I'd launch some missiles on Britain and France and take out whatever's left of their militaries. America wants to attack Russia's allies? OK, let's see if America wants to fight for theirs. And given the number of high-tech missiles that the Syrians took out with old Soviet surplus, American escalation might not be a good idea.

LL said...

I disagree with Night Wind.

(1) Syria didn't take out a single French, UK or US missile.

(2) The Russians knew that something was coming and sortied their fleet from port to another location so as to be out of the way.

(3) The strike was very limited in scope and did NOT impact anything in Syria besides CW R&D and storage. It did not decapitate the Russian puppet government that Assad has become. Neither did it diminish the Syrian Army or Air Force's capacity to operate in the field.

(4) A Russian attack on the UK and France would have resulted in WW 3. They know it, we know it and why - over come CW facilities in Syria that they assured the world had been shut down, but were not?

LSP said...

Well said, LL. Blue Steadfast slept soundly!

LSP said...

Yes please, drjim.

LSP said...

The West, bought and paid for by the House of Saud?

Surely not, Anon.

LSP said...

NW -- it seems a bit odd that whenever Assad's doing well, he decides to gas his own people.

As it is, the Russians seem to have stood down.


LSP said...

LL, for what little it's worth, I think #3 is important.