Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hot Tub

Because this popular mind blog's all about Texan country life, it seems only right to include rural street art. I call this installation Hot Tub.

Keep it clean,



Adrienne said...

That leaves me speechless.

Fredd said...

Nice. I like the masonry divide between the hot tub and the driveway. Or what appears to be a hot tub; it could be a dumpster, hard to tell.

LSP said...

Just a bit of country art, Adrienne.

LSP said...

I'm glad you noticed the masonry divide, Fredd. It demarcates Hot Tub from the OTHER, but note the plank of rough hewn wood on the far right of the installation, bridging the divide between Hot Tub, or is it a dumpster, and the unknown quantity demarcated by the masonry line.

What traffic crosses this bridge and has it filled the tub with trash?