Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fish After Mass

One of the many benefits of LSPland is that you can go fishing after Mass, which is what we did, right there on Lake Whitney as the sun was beginning to sink in the large Texan sky.

It was a tranquil scene, no doubt about it, but excitement was in the air as first one then several ferocious Bass surged up out of the water to prey on insects and small, unwary birds. Time to get on the fish, gentlemen.

I tried a variety of lures, a mid size shad, some kind of minnow thing and several topwater torpedoes, to say nothing of worms real and plastic along with delicious strawberry fish treats. But the fish were having none of it.

We weren't catching anything, the anglers to the left and right weren't catching anything and neither was man across the way. And that's just the way it was.

No fish on, we fell back to the Compound for a tasty meal of fried chicken and a celebratory glass of the right stuff in honor of Melania's birthday. 

It's Not Over, Fish. Not by a Long Shot

Would fried fish have been better? Sure, but that's for another day, when the fish are biting.

Your Old Friend,



LL said...

Fried chicken works in the absence of fried fish.

Jim said...

Fishing is a good way to spend one's time. Actually catching fish makes it even better.

LSP said...

It was strangely tasty, LL. I might male a habit of it, and the kid had fun too. So, win win.

LSP said...

That, Jim, is the Gospel truth and they certainly weren't going after anything I was putting in the water.

Next time!

Adrienne said...

Birds?? Bass eat birds? Holy Moly - I didn't know that.

LSP said...

They're most ferocious, Adrienne.

Adrienne said...

Just another thing to not think about. It's bad enough that two nights ago Erica kitteh swanned past the back door every 30 minutes with yet another mouse.

I get the whole life cycle thingie. I just don't want to witness it. After seeing Bambi when I was a kid, I was so traumatized my mom had to write a letter to Walt Disney telling him that parents should have been warned. I'm still recovering from Mufasa's death in the Lion King.

LSP said...

Funny you should mention the Lion King, Adrienne.

I was working in a press room in Nairobi some time back and it was run by these frat boys out of Virginia.

They had the Lion King theme song playing on a continuous loop.

I can only speculate on the thoughts of the Kenyan journalists.

Kyrie eleison.

LL said...

Americans overseas have peculiar sensibilities when it comes to the local environment.

As for myself, I could blend in with Europeans but had a more difficulty blending into the landscape in Asia and Africa. I wish that I'd known then what the progressives tell me now. "We're all black". If I thought I was black, I would have been black in Africa. Who knew?

LSP said...

That's a very good point, LL. Race, like gender, is a construct. And at the risk of repetition I have to ask, have they all been driven insane, by Satan?

I enjoyed that Nairobi experience, btw, especially the old British, Anglican cathedral with its plaques set up in honor of various regiments. One English bishop's wife kept banging on about how "colonial" and "oppressive" it was.

The Kenyans didn't think that, they were proud of it.