Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good Friday

The Altars were stripped and two Masses of the Presanctified loomed large on the horizon; light shone above the empty tabernacle. Face East, and while you're at it, lose that nasty faux teak, Vatican II coffee table. Perhaps you have already, well done.

Deformation of the liturgy aside, what are you going to say after John's Passion. Face it, not an easy act to follow. There He is, the Son of God, fallen into the hands of sinful men, not least ourselves and wickedness looms large and strong. But why is it strong? Because Christ submits to it and He does so out of love.

I find this helpful, via Lectionary Central.

Human wickedness will raise itself in pride and claim to be "as God," but that is devilish delusion. God is not touched unless he will it so to be. 
We bear in mind today the weight of human wickedness, that reckless pride which rises up against the holiness of God and the order of his universe. But that is not what is first and most important in the mystery of the love of God, who freely wills our woes to touch his heart, who freely gives himself against our sins, in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That is the mystery of this day, and that is why we call this Friday "Good." We celebrate the mystery of the love of God: that "God so loved the world, that he gave his only Begotten Son." (John 3.16) That is love unthinkable, utterly unmerited, beyond all possible expectation.

The preacher continues:

Our task today is nothing other than the contemplation of that mystery of love. It is to fix our minds and hearts upon the passion and the dying of the Son of God. That is, in a way, the whole task of our discipleship. Christians often ask for detailed recipes for Christian life, solutions to all sorts of problems, great and small, and ways for dealing with our sins. All that is understandable. But in the end, there is only one answer to all of this: we must gaze upon the charity of God in Christ. The charity of God must be our food and drink. That is now our duty: to look upon the crucified, and that must become also our delight. We must be transformed by that renewal of our mind, so charity becomes the very substance of our souls.

You can read the whole thing here and needless to say, charity or love wins the day beyond our wildest dreams. With that, have a blessed Holy Saturday.

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LL said...

Faith, hope, charity and love, with an eye single to the Glory of God.

Adrienne said...

Happy Easter Vigil, LSP. We're been doing the pre-1955 liturgy at St.Joan's, which means tonight we do all 12 prophecies. So my question for the day is - will I make it home before midnight? Thankfully, there won't be much traffic coming home as my night vision is not too good right now. Cataract surgery is scheduled for June.