Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Diocese of London Caught On Camera?

Disturbing photos show what appears to be the declining Church of England's Diocese of London. Once a proud stronghold of Anglo-Catholicism, the Diocese of London has seemingly fallen on hard times.

According to one expert, "I’ve loved this diocese since I was a kid. Now look at it, an alleged half-man, half-fish that looks like the charming end of a monkey carcass coated with leather and shoe polish and fastened to the backside of a mackerel."

Others aren't convinced. "This may look a lot like the Diocese of London," stated one pundit, "But it's just a fake mermaid. You can see it on display along with the Anglican Church of Canada at Banff's Indian Trading Company."

Is this eyeless, dried out hybrid all that remains of the once mighty Diocese of London or is it merely a carnival stunt in Justin Welby's ever shrinking big tent?

You, the reader, be the judge,



LL said...

Eventually the churches will all be turned into mosques and then it will be the Caliphate of London. I'm sure that they'll be kind to all of the Christians. It's the religion of peace.

Jules said...

Looks much like the punters leaving Wetherspoons this morning!

LSP said...

It's the most peaceful religion ever, LL. Like Buddhism but way more peaceful.


LSP said...

Juliette, I always wondered why the Diocese of London had mud on its shoes at 8 am in the morning after a night of carousing!

Anonymous said...

The mermaid in Christian medieval iconography and church carvings is depicted as a beautiful creature, a siren-like temptress holding a mirror and looking glass likely to lure individuals in temptation and sin. Is this an association you are making with the Diocese of London? Confused worshipper

LSP said...

Dear Confused Worshipper,

You're quite right, the mermaid is a beautiful, mythical creature, much like the noble unicorn itself. But look at the pictures, the Diocese of London has obviously fallen on hard times. Perhaps you can revive her?

I know that seems difficult or even impossible, but Rome wasn't built in a day! And if nothing else, you'll get a trip to Banff out of the endeavour, which is no small thing.

Hope that helps.

Your Friend,