Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Trump Rules Kennedy Drools

President Trump took to the podium tonight to give his first State of the Union address. Tax cuts, energy independence, respect for the military, law enforcement,vets, God, the lowest ever recorded African American unemployment  and on.  

Trump came on like a blast from the American past, like the old America striking back. Speaking of old America, the Democrats trotted out their new pony, Joe Kennedy, by way of response.

Frat Boy Joe drooled and channeled Obama, jerking, stuttering and sounding just about as sincere. 

Spot the drool?

Memo to Joe, no one's convinced and why were you drooling? That aside, the Dems refused to stand for the President's speech.

Black unemployment? No, scorn it. US manufacturing? Can't stand. More money in your paycheck? Despise. Pull together to make America great? How hateful. Not unlike millionaire socialist, Nancy Pelosi's face itself.

Trump fans chanted USA, USA at the end of the speech. Democrats walked out.




LL said...

Trump won the traditional Democrat base (union workers, etc.) and the Republican Party is receiving donations at a rate of 5:1 over the Democrat Party. Will Rep. Nasty Pelosi and Sen. Crying Chuck dip into their own exceptionally deep pockets to make up their losses? Don't count on it. Will Slow Joe Biden be the savior of the Democrat Party in 2020? Will the corrupt traitor, John Woodenhead Kerry win the Oval Office? What about the sly, ambitious, Pocahontas?

The simple truth is that if Barack gave a rat's ass about the dreamers, he could have slammed through immigration reform for them during the first two years in his first term when the Democrat Party had a supermajority in Congress. They were dark days indeed but he could have. He chose not to. Then there is tax reform. The Dem's could have done that too and might have won the hearts and minds of the middle class. But they chose not to. They pushed through their 'shovel ready job' infrastructure bill only to watch $800 billion melt away into pockets of corrupt inner city aldermen and political bosses.

Will the Democrat politicians who want to keep their jobs hop on the Trump train to MAGA or will they continue to vote as a block at the whim of Nasty and Crying Chuck? Will they side with odious, race baiting negroes who'd sell out their own constituents for a 44oz Schlitz and a chicken leg? The grievance thing won't work as well when people are going to work and bringing home a paycheck.

The corrupt, wicked, lying, filthy, elite media still pushes for their Democrat masters, but how much longer can they support FBI/DOJ traitors and lie about President Trump? Will they turn and bite the hand that feeds them? Will the media MAGA? Will NBC find that their ratings will improve if they start telling the truth?

LL said...

You know that if Drooling Joe Kennedy ever takes the podium opposite President Trump that he'll be destroyed. Things are so bad with the dems that they keep trotting out Michelle Obama's name and try and re-float the notion that Hillary and her bitches could go at it in 2020 to unseat the President and his dazzling First Lady. I see their angry black men and women in Congress trying to grab the imagination of the country but nobody is buying them any more than they want to see angry African Michelle running things. Maybe Oprah will give up her life as being a fabulous billionaire to be beat up every day as a presidential candidate? You know that would DEVASTATE her brothers and sisters of color, who feel that it's THEIR turn to be president and rake in a cool billion the way that Barack did.

LindaG said...

Pelosi was doing her best to track the dems that applauded what President Trump had to say. Even Bernie was caught clapping. And there was at least one time that the camera caught a few dems standing. You can bet those dems were out of pelosi's vengeful eyesight when they did, too.
I didn't watch Kennedy and don't care what he had to say. You told me all I need to know.
God bless America.

Adrienne said...

I watched the wonder red head for about 5 minutes until my stomach gave up. What a drooling idiot.

Everything else? What LL said - and I thank him.

LSP said...

Nice analysis, LL. The Dems are in trouble; Nasty Pelosi, Crying Chuck, Groper Biden, Traitor Woodenhead, Sly Pochahontas and now... Drooling Joe. And their genius agenda?

Import millions of immigrants to drive wages down, raise taxes so industry leaves the US, and make transgenderism compulsory for all members of the armed forces. All for what? So that RUSSIA doesn't take over America, which it apparently already has in the person of Putin's spy, Donald Trump.

But seriously, what do they have to offer at this point beyond virtue signalling, phony identity politics and fauxtrage?

The sly, salacious, lying media will twist and turn to be anything but MAGA. Not easy when jobs and industry are bouncing back and Melania dazzles.

LSP said...

I'm glad you were spared the spectacle of Drooling Joe, Linda. I didn't think Bernie looked too well, Linda. Neither did Pelosi but that's a given.

God bless!

LSP said...

I thought Melania did especially well last night, Adrienne. Droolin' Joe? Not so much.

LL said...

LSP, I watched some corrupt, lying, nasty, elite media this morning. The chatter about Melania's choice of a white pantsuit - and the secret message that it might be sending - was their focus. It's painful to watch. Likewise that Melania rode to the SOTU with the President's special guests rather than riding with President Trump has the rumors swirling of an imminent divorce.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I think Joe was channeling Teddy. That was probably just booze coming out of the corner of his mouth.