Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fish, You Fool

The sun was shining, the air was crisp and it seemed right to go fishing; Genius Patrol weren't invited, their job was to stay behind and guard the Compound.

A short drive later I was at Soldier's Bluff or Sosebee's Bluff, named after George Sosebee who left Georgia in the 1870s to escape the "odious" Reconstruction Government after the Civil War.
Reconstruction reached its most odious stages in the mid '70's and George Sosebee determined that he could stand no more of it. On the raw frontier, he reasoned, there must exist a place where no Reconstruction Official or carpetbagger would venture.

By 1875 Sosebee had found his frontier, where the Big Rocky Creek tumbled through a limestone precipice overlooking the Brazos river in Bosque County. 

Carpet Baggers

Today, Sosebee's Brazos is gone, inundated by the Corps of Engineers' dam which was built in the 1950s. Still, the tops of his limestone bluffs remain and you can fish from them, sometimes with spectacular results.

With that in mind, the lake was choppy and surging, thanks to a fierce North East wind, and I wondered if the expedition'd be a bust. "How's the action, kids?" I asked a professional crew of youngsters who'd set up on the shore with an impressive array of surf casting rods. They said it wasn't bad, holding up a very respectable Largemouth.

Inspired by success, I cast off with a plastic minnow allied to an earthworm and sure enough started getting bumps and tugs; fish were out there, no doubt about it. But could I close the deal?

It took a while but then, BOOM, a fish was on, pulling out the drag and glinting silver in the topwater. At first I thought it was a Drum but no, it was a decent young Bass around 12". I put him back and reflected on the towns flooded by the dam, including Towash, across the way from the bluffs. In case you wondered, Towash wasn't Cheltenham:

On January 5, 1870, Hardin was playing cards with Benjamin Bradley in Towash, Hill County, Texas. Hardin was winning almost every hand, which angered Bradley, who then threatened to "cut out his liver" if he won again. Bradley drew a knife and a six-shooter. Hardin claimed he was unarmed and excused himself, but claims that later that night, Bradley came looking for him. Bradley allegedly fired a shot at Hardin, which missed. Hardin drew both his pistols and returned fire, one shot striking Bradley's head and the other his chest. Dozens of people saw this fight, and from them there is a good record of how Hardin had used his guns. His holsters were sewn into his vest, so that the butts of his pistols pointed inward across his chest. He crossed his arms to draw. Hardin claimed this was the fastest way to draw, and he practiced every day. A man called "Judge Moore", who held Hardin's stakes of money and a pistol, but refused to give them up without Bradley's consent, "vanished. Later Hardin admitted killing two men in Hill County Texas - Donald Long.

Here's another account, fictional but I'd say on the money. 1865 Towash made a big sign... Texas-style. It boasted the Boles racetrack, which attracted the sports and gamblers from as far away as Hot Springs, Arkansas. There was a hand ferry across the Brazos and close by a grist mill powered by a huge water wheel. Dryer & Jenkins was the trading store. There was a barbershop that did very little business and six saloons that did a lot, dispensing red-eye... raw. Typical of many towns in the Texas of 1867, there was no law except that made by each man with his own ‘craw sand.’ Occasionally the Regulators of Austin rode in... always in large groups... more for protection than law enforcement. 

I reeled in the Bass and cast off for more, while the ghosts of the Brazos lay heavy on the lake.

Tight lines,


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hot Tub

Because this popular mind blog's all about Texan country life, it seems only right to include rural street art. I call this installation Hot Tub.

Keep it clean,


Stormy's Sketch

Internet twitter sleuths have been hot on the trail of the man who allegedly threatened Stormy Daniels, ever since the world famous prostitute released a sketch of him.

One investigator, SKIRT, identified the suspect, "This looks like Tom Brady which is funny until you realize that 2018 has no rules so it's actually possible it was Tom Brady." 

A court drawing provided further evidence.

Yes, Tom Brady.

Justice must and will be served.


No Gas Says Fisk And Where Are The Missiles?

Via ZeroHedge:

Robert Fisk's bombshell first-hand account for the UK Independent runs contrary to nearly every claim circulating in major international press concerning what happened just over week ago on April 7th in an embattled suburb outside Damascus: not only has the veteran British journalist found no evidence of a mass chemical attack, but he's encountered multiple local eyewitnesses who experienced the chaos of that night, but who say the gas attack never happened.

According to Fisk and a doctor he interviewed in Douma, the video of people suffering from gas was in fact brought on by a dust storm and Syrian army shelling, then compounded by a false gas alarm, which caused people to douse themselves with water. You can read the whole thing here if you haven't already.

Then there's missiles, an awful lot of them, fired at just three targets. Joe Quin, writing at SOTT, offers a counter narrative, based on Russian radar reports and analysis of the target sites. He smells a rat:

But this then posed another problem. How to distribute the 100+ missiles among only 3 locations? Should they divide them equally, 33 (or so) at the HIAST buildings and 33 each at the two Homs locations? But would the visible damage tally with the reported number of missiles? The two locations outside Homs were problematic because they were in open farmland and the buildings were far too small to plausibly cover up the missing impact craters. There was only one thing for it: the HIAST target, with its 3 sizable towerblocks, would have to take the lion's share of the missing missiles. The outrageous number of 76, to be exact.

You can read the whole thing here.

Perhaps Fisk's a shill, Quin's a conspiracy theorist, Russian, Assadite dupe and we should take the Pentagon's report at face value. But if we do, let's not forget the old adage, War's a Racket.



Monday, April 16, 2018

Tarmac Deal

Do you remember AG Lorretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac? It was all about golf and grandkids, right?

Nothing to do with Hillary's troublesome email issues or even her election as President. Or Lynch's future position in Hillary's administration.

That would be ridiculous. No upcoming slots on SCOTUS or anything like that. Well, it didn't happen but that doesn't mean we shouldn't...


Trust the Plan? Certainly not Hillary's and is there a video out there via Tor? I wouldn't know.


Melania Mondays!

Some of you might not be too happy today. Perhaps it's our massive debt, the leering face of Lyin' Comey peering out at you from everywhere, Hillary not being in jail, and the wall still not built. Or war, maybe that's got you down. But whatever the case, here at Melania Mondays! we want to turn that around.

Looking Good in Black

America's popular and glamorous First Lady's been busy looking good, even though she's spurned by the millionaire socialist fashion industry. They favored Michelle Obama, who appeared on the cover of at least 30 US fashion magazines, including Vogue.

See What You've Been Spared?

See? Right out of the gate we've got a reason to celebrate, Michelle isn't on the cover page anymore. Neither is Melania, because she's not a Democrat but that's OK, she doesn't have to be. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, we can see her everywhere. Sorry, legacy media.

Christmas With Melania

And what do we see, the smartest, best looking First Lady we've ever had? There, another reason to turn that frown upside down.

Looking Good in White

President Trump has declared that Melania's his "rock." Well said, Mr. President and well done Melania for doing your part to make America great again.



Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bask In The Awesome

I invite you, all ten of you readers, to bask in the awesomeness of this bedtime song.

Your Old Friend,


Resurrection Of The Body

Church was good today, as it always is, and I preached on the bodily resurrection. When was the last time you heard a sermon on that? On the reality of the resurrection, sure, but its bodily aspect? Not so much, I'll wager.

Preachers scare shy of it, I think, for two reasons. Firstly, they take it for granted and secondly, it's a hard doctrine. That a body should rise from the dead? Outrageous. But that's what we believe and Scripture's clear, so is tradition. But why is it so important.

Long story short, because anything less than a bodily resurrection isn't really a resurrection at all, leaving us with a ghost or an immaterial shade. And that's fine except that it isn't fully you because we're composite beings, made up of body and spirit. For the real person, you, to rise from the dead, there has to be a bodily rising or you're left with nothing more than a ghost.

To put it another way. The body which decays and dies is the proper subject of resurrection, unlike the soul which is immaterial. If the former doesn't rise then the latter's left free-floating and resurrection hasn't occurred, just the given continuance of the soul.

Speaking of which, it's long past time for a range day. Fill the truck up with guns, get out in the country and blast away.

Proven medicine for mind, body and spirit.

Gun rights and MAGA,


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Not Happy

Lo and behold, World War III didn't start last night, at least not immediately, so that's all good. But it came dam close. 

Ask yourself this. Are we, and the West at large, in the grip of evil people, people who would destroy what's left of our civilization for the sheer nihilist joy of the ruin. And have these wicked people co-opted our government?

Good question. In the meanwhile, thank God the Russians didn't fire back last night, and I'll be straight-up. I'm not happy about this at all. 

We should be allies with Russia in the face of the twin evils of the Secularist and Islamic Jihad. Nationalist Trump and nationalist Putin should be working together, contra globalists. There's clear commonality.

Has that been hijacked by the Illuminati Death Stooges of the NWO? Don't say House of Saud and...

Don't fear the Reaper,


Friday, April 13, 2018

Satanist Illuminati Goes To War

Trump has just launched against Assad for... Al Qaeda, the Jihad, and while we're at it, Saudi Arabia. Good work, Illuminati Satanists, we're now on the edge of World War Three.

And why? Because Assad apparently used chemical weapons on his own people as he was winning a war. Because he's an evil idiot? Sorry, that adjective applies to the bombers.

I'm tempted to say WTF. As it is, please pray this doesn't get any further out of hand.

Remember this, he was a murderer from the beginning.

Your Friend,


Prep For The Eschaton

Rain's lashing down, thunder rumbles, lightning flashes and we're listening to Waylon while loading magazines and cleaning actions. Be prepared, right?

For what? The Eschaton. That's getting mighty close, lately, and I ask you, have you seen the doomsday clock tick-tocking more dangerously?

Pray, please, that we don't go to war. Again. Especially as Al-Qaeda's air force and the army of Saudi Arabia.

Lock up the pedo globalists instead.

Your Pal,


Comey's Awesome Book

Fired NWO plaything, James Comey, has written a book attacking President Trump and America's attractive and popular First Lady, Melania. 

You can read about the love Democrats have for their jilted paramour over at Lyin' Comey. "No credibility" is the least of it, and others have even accused lying, leaking, Illuminati Comey of orchestrating a coup against America's lawfully elected President.

That would make James the-Illuminati-dumped-me Comey a traitor.



Thursday, April 12, 2018

Road Warrior

C'mon kid, let's roll, which roughly translated means, hurry up, we're walking to school with the dogs via the Pick 'n Steal for coffee and I don't want you late.

Soon enough we were over the start line and heading for the Shamrock, staffed by Nepalese, thank you very much and mind the kukri, with Friday gamboling along like a puppy and Blue following at a more sedate pace.

Blue Valhalla's getting on in years and someone's been stealth feeding him when I'm not looking, so he's getting a bit portly. This isn't fair on the furry protector and means I'll have to put a lock on his feed bin or maybe a sign, "DON'T OPEN THIS. IT WILL EXPLODE AND DESTROY YOU."

Coffee, school, and dog walk objectives reached, I relaxed on the front office porch and thought about the effect of various bullets on my YETI mug; a range day's obviously in order. Then, Daily Office said, I drove to Fort Worth down good old I35W.

It's not a bad drive until you get to the metrosprawl, then it's a nightmare. What evil satanic geniuses convinced the American public to live in vast plastic sided suburbs, intersected by highways roaring past decaying strip malls. It's bad enough now, imagine the future.

One day the plastic will sag, decay, and fall, leaving square miles of chipboard houses to quietly implode back to nature while the highways collapse; the sheer slum of it will challenge all but the bravest explorers. Remortgage that, I dare you.

Regardless, I made it to the clergy day at Holy Apostles and very edifying it was too. Bishop Iker gave a good presentation on the state of the litigation against the Diocese and Dr. Stephen Noll talked about marriage. 

After lunch, I headed back to the compound, picked up the kid, drove him to work, drove back to the Compound, drove to Lake Whitney to say Mass and watched a film because it was the church's film night.

We watched the Gospel of John, which is just that, the Gospel of John narrated, with actors doing their thing in the background. I love John's Gospel. Then, kid being delivered to the church, it was time to brave TX-22 and get back to base.

The dogs were excited to see us. The pack was back, and I tell you, several hundred miles worth of driving aside, it all made for a good break from watching WWIII unfold in Syria and the slow moving coup against the President.

I file this exciting story under "road warrior."

God bless,


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Idiocy Of Assad

So let's get this straight. Syria's Bashar al-Assad is winning a war against Saudi Arabian, Qatari and US proxy terrorists, such as our frenemies, Al Qaeda. 

Then all of a sudden, as he's on the very cusp of victory, stupid Assad decides to throw it all away by dropping chlorine filled barrel bombs on Douma. We know this because the saintly White Helmets told us he did it and because, obviously, he's an evil idiot.

There you have it. Assad, the stupid, evil, idiot, Gas Killer Animal exposed by the heroic White Helmets, and soon to be struck down by hubris in the form of  a hail of US, UK, French and Saudi munitions. But there's a problem with this picture.

Assad, whatever else he might be, isn't stupid and he isn't an idiot, he's a geeky opthamologist. An opthamologist that dared to cross the House of Saud and its billions by refusing to let them drive a pipeline through his country.

Then there's the Islamist White Helmets, who operate exclusively alongside Al Qaeda and associated Jihad head-chopper savages as a kind of medical propaganda support group, funded by countries such as the US, UK, Belgium, Qatar and, go figure, George Soros. 

You can read about these altruists here, here, here and here. Regardless, we fund them so they must be telling the truth, right?

As you reflect on that axiom, the Russians have gained access to Douma, which has been liberated from the Western/Saudi funded Jihad, and they haven't found any evidence whatsoever that a chemical attack took place.

So who's lying. The Al Qaeda support group we've come to Netflix love as the White Helmets, or the idiot who isn't an idiot, Bashar Assad?

You, the reader, be the judge.



War Drums Pounding

Coming straight out of the pages of you-can't-make-this-s**t-up, the US and its allies are on the brink of war with Russia, with Trump twitter blasting at 5.57 am this morning:

Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!

To be fair, the President's warlike tweet followed on from a statement by Russia's ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zaspykin, to Hezbollah's al-Manar TV:

If there is a strike by the Americans, then we refer to the statements of President [Vladimir] Putin and the chief of staff that the missiles will be downed and even the sources from which the missiles were fired.

Why America's apparent rush to war? Because Assad reportedly used chemical weapons against men, women and children in Douma, days after Trump announced his intention to withdraw troops from Syria, and months after Russia warned of future false flag chemical attacks in the region.

Leaving aside the improbability of Assad threatening his own winning position in the Syrian civil war by provoking US escalation, the reliability of anti-Assad reports of chemical weapons use, and the US-admitted fact that these aren't confirmed, why is there a war in Syria in first place? 

Surely not because Saudi Arabia and Qatar wanted to put a pipeline through Syria to export liquid natural gas and petroleum to Europe and Assad stuck with Russia and said no.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Saudi Arabian interests and those of their bought and paid for puppets are worth another world war. Speaking of which, Trump has to win the prize for being the Worst. Russian. Puppet. Ever.

Stormy And Kibble

Except for Stormy Daniels, who functioned as a Kremlin sleeper agent for decades until Mueller's keen-eyed FBI sleuths raided the infamous Moscow double agent, Michael Cohen, and his law firm.

За здоровье!