Saturday, December 15, 2018

Church of England Gets Trans Baptism Ritual

As all the world knows, the venerable if shrinking CofE's finally stepped up to the plate and decided to celebrate, bless and affirm transsexuals in a special new naming ritual taken from the Affirmation of Baptismal Faith (ABF).

The new trans worship ceremony's like a Baptism that isn't a Baptism and includes, if High Church desired, anointing with oil, a splash of water and, of course, prayers and a blessing. 

Point being, don't feel like a blasphemous parody of a man or a women. Instead, celebrate your new identity; choice of personal pronoun? Rigorously observed. Such is freedom from tyranny in the 21st Century.

Imagine, just like women's ordination, how this prophetic stance will fill the pews. Until it doesn't. And we have to ask, how many "thought leaders" in the Promethean attempt to overthrow the chains of DNA, Chromosomes and biology itself are ritual occultists? 

To what extent is the decision making body of the Church of England given over to the Adversary. Does that sound extreme, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law?

To help you formulate an answer, here's a picture of Bruce Jenner. If you want to read about the Church of England's new Strategy For Mission, go here.

All means all,


Dear Mr. Fantasy

Because this is an uplifting family blog, here's Mr. Fantasy. Good work, Traffic. My dad, rest in peace, used to call Winwood "Stevie Boy," and got him to help out with the Mass music from time to time. Quite a thing in a small church in 'Nam; that'd be Cheltenham, obviously.

I visited "Stevie Boy's" recording studio in the Cotswolds, it was like a spaceship. No kidding.

BTW, Arc of a Diver is rubbish. Sorry.



Friday, December 14, 2018

Cheer Up!

I apologize. This lighthearted mind blog's become a bit serious, full of letters by French Generals, photos of aging female trolls, assorted Illuminati stooges and the dupe pawn jihadi shills of the NWO. So cheer up and enjoy America's popular and glamorous First Lady looking good on deck. 

And some rod and gun. Shakespeare Ugly Sticks guarding an SKS. Proper little Chicom blaster. Nice, right?

But what about this, a plush unicorn "comfort sock," which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Church of England. Beautiful, isn't it.

And for good measure, a lovely Christmas tree ornament.

There, better already!

Your Friend,


French Generals Accuse Macron Of Treason

Ten Generals, an Admiral, a former Defense Minister and a Colonel have signed an open letter accusing Macron of treason. Here it is, via Free West Media:

Mister President,

You are about to sign the “Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” on 10 and 11 December, which establishes a genuine right to migration. It may impose itself on our national legislation through pre-existing treaties or the principle of common responsibility set out in this pact.

It seems to us that the only sovereignty that will remain with France will consist in freely setting the way in which the objectives of the pact will have to be implemented. You can not give up this new part of the national sovereignty without a public debate whereas 80% of the French population considers that it is necessary to stop or regulate drastically the immigration. By deciding alone to sign this pact, you would add an additional reason for revolt to the anger of an already battered people. You would be guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation.

In addition, the finances of our country are drained and our debt is growing. You can not take the risk of an expensive call for air migration without first showing that you will not have to resort to more taxes to meet the objectives of the pact. On the other hand, you must be able, in terms of security, to curb the consequences linked to the arrival of extra-European populations. Finally, you can not ignore that the very essence of politics is to ensure security on the outside and harmony within. However, this concord can be obtained only if it maintains a certain internal coherence of the society alone capable of allowing to want to do together, which becomes more and more problematic today.

In fact, the French state is late in coming to realize the impossibility of integrating too many people, in addition to totally different cultures, who have regrouped in the last forty years in areas that no longer submit to the laws of the Republic.

You can not decide alone to erase our civilizational landmarks and deprive us of our carnal homeland.

We therefore ask you to defer the signing of this pact and call by referendum the French to vote on this document. You are accountable to the French of your actions. Your election is not a blank.

We support the initiative of General MARTINEZ against the signature of this pact which must be adopted by the Member States of the UN at the Intergovernmental Conference of Marrakech.

General Antoine MARTINEZ
Charles MILLON – Former Minister of Defense
General Marc BERTUCCHI
General Philippe CHATENOUD
General André COUSTOU
General Roland DUBOIS
General Daniel GROSMAIRE
General Christian HOUDET
General Michel ISSAVERDENS
Admiral Patrick MARTIN
General Christian PIQUEMAL
General Daniel SCHAEFFER
General Didier TAUZIN
Colonel Jean Louis CHANAS

Make of this what you will and good luck, Macron.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

Macron is so Very Awesome

The failed Faux Bonaparte, Illuminati ruler of France and the European Union was forced into making embarrassing concessions to nationalist populists this week, such as scrapping a hated weather tax and raising the minimum wage.

Problem is, people smell blood in the water. Here's a mechanic, via Zerohedge:

He is trying to do a pirouette to land back on his feet but we can see that he isn’t sincere, that it’s all smoke and mirrors,” said Jean-Marc, a car mechanic as a gathering of some 150 Yellow Vests in the southern town of Le Boulou.
“It’s just window dressing, for the media, some trivial measures, it almost seems like a provocation,” said Thierry, 55, a bicycle mechanic.
“All this is cinema, it doesn’t tackle the problems of substance. “We’re really wound up, we’re going back to battle,” he told AFP before taking part in blocking the Boulou turnpike on the French-Spanish border.
“Maybe if Macron had made this speech three weeks ago, it would have calmed the movement, but now it’s too late. For us, this speech is nonsense,” said Gaetan, 34, one of the “Rennes Lapins Jaunes” (Yellow Rabbits of Rennes).

It looks as though the protests are set to continue and many Americans, at least in my zone, don't get it. Who are these awful Communists?  They ask, bewilderedly old paradigm.

Look, an Illuminati troll hiding behind Macron!

No, surely it's the same urge that put Trump in power. Disgust in a smug, self-serving, elite, NWO kleptocracy which apparently cares nothing for the bulk of the citizenry. Heck, they outsourced all the jobs to China and then attempted to weather tax everyone to make up the deficit. All those immigrant votes don't come cheap you know.

Here she is again, Vive La Trolle

Whatever. The French don't seem to be buying and you can't blame them, though you might ask who's going to lower taxes and increase welfare and how. To put it another way, can you have the unfortunate Antoinette's cake and eat it too?

And again! Brigitte La Trolle crops up everywhere

In related news, an immigrant homegrown Moslem of Moroccan descent shot up a Christmas Market in Strasbourg yesterday, yet again proving the value of multiculturalism. 

I'd imagine the French are wondering why Muslims have been imported into France so they can kill French people. Just remember, Islam's a religion of peace and Jihad isn't violent, that's why it means war. 



Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today's the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, and we celebrate her appearance to Juan Diego and the miraculous Tilma. Many attribute the remarkable conversion of Mexico to this; I have a personal interest.

There I was, years ago, saying the evening Office in a church on the suburban ghetto side of the DC/Maryland border. It was my first US parish and I prayed fervently that God would grant us real Marian devotion. No, not the typical Anglican small-icon-in-a-corner, fine as that is, but the whole nine yards.

Note Shrine at Back of Church

Perhaps you know the kind of prayer, heartfelt and white knuckled as you like, and there it was. The next day I went over to church to say Morning Prayer and knelt down in the usual place, but out of the corner of my eye something seemed different. It was.

Over against the back wall of the church sat a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe on a table, and not a small one either. This statue was a good four foot high and came complete with eyelashes. No kidding, the real deal.

A Typical Street Scene

It turns out some Mexicans had brought her over as an offering after I'd finished Evening Prayer. And there she was, La Guadalupana. Those of you who know what that means in an Anglican church without Marian devotion can imagine my reaction. But I'd prayed for it and found myself caught out!

In my last year in that parish, the infamous heretic bishop figure, John Chane, came to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. He came with a couple of seminarians in tow from Virginia Theological Seminary, famous then for its lesbian ethics professor. 

All Rigged up For Easter And Solemn High Mass

I showed one of the seminarians around the sanctuary before Mass, and he asked in his bow-tied way if we had any "programs." I answered, "No, not especially," and he sat down in the benches, looking skeptical and annoyingly brainy. 

Thirty minutes later they began to arrive, at least 300 people and 35 confirmands; for goodness sake, it was standing room only and people spilled out onto the grounds.

Remember, Roman Catholics and big church Evangelicals, this is a lot for an Anglican church in Maryland. My bow-tied friend sat there, next to the banditos, and they were, meditating on the nature of the program. Well, you can't beat that old time religion.

A Statue

At the end of Mass, I directed heretic Chane to the Guadalupe shrine, where the people were 6 deep and in the spirit. He knelt down and lit a candle while I intoned the Regina Coeli. Moral of the story?

Don't underestimate the power of prayer and the intercession of Our Lady.



Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's Gettin' Stormy!

Do you remember the bizarre contender for the Democrat 2020 throne, Michael Avenatti, popularly known as Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL)? Sure you do, CPL's the hot shot lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, the famous dancing prostitute who went after Trump for an alleged affair in 2006. 

Stormy owes Trump money

But things haven't been easy for Stormy or CPL. Just today, a California judge ordered the stripper to pay Trump over $290,000 in legal fees, including  $1000 in sanctions for a frivolous lawsuit against the president. Stormy, under the aegis of the brilliant CPL, had sued the president for defamation following a Trumpian tweet and... lost the case.

CPL, defender of wimmyn's rights everywhere

How will Stormy pay the bill? Through her gofundme appeal of course, which as of August had raised $585,563. That'll cover the fine and some of CPL's fees, and we have to thank all the well meaning progressives who helped finance Trump's legal team. 

Whether Stormy and CPL will win their NDA lawsuit against the president remains to be seen. If they do, the proceeds might go some way towards covering Avenatti's mounting financial woes.

Just one of the fellas!

CPL's been ordered to pay his ex-wife $37,897 in child support and $124,398 in spousal support. A month. Far more than most people in the world earn in a year or several. 

And that's not all, the hapless Avenatti's been ordered to give his fortunate Ex his Farrari Spyder, ahem "art," his collection of super pricey watches and a share in a private jet, all by way of retroactive payments to his former wife.

One of the best things about cocaine is that it doesn't make you arrogant or weird.

What a lot of money! Amounting to rather over a $1 million a year, and that's before the unfortunate champion of womyns rights has even bought anything. Who knows, maybe CPL's going to recoup the loss with a staggeringly, not coke-fueled, win against Trump with his All Star client, Stormy.

She, by the way, ran for office as a Republican back in 2010. Here's Wikipedia:

In April 2010, Daniels finally declared herself a Republican candidate. Her decision was inspired by disclosures that the Republican National Committee (RNC) had paid expenses for fundraisers at a "lesbian bondage themed nightclub" in Los Angeles, stating that the revelations "finally tipped the scales".

I tell you, can't make this stuff up. Hunter Thompson's Generation of Swine was a couple of decades early and millions of dollars short. 

And who knows, maybe Stormy will make up the deficit by dancing in her declining years. Good luck to her.

I loved this place

CPL, on the other hand? Perhaps Satan's discarded its malfeasant toy.



Monday, December 10, 2018

Get it Together

OK, so you've got these neat metal chairs which belonged to your Great Great Grandmother, and there they sit, restored and gleaming on the newly painted porch. Great result, no doubt about it, but something was missing. A swing.

The swing arrived last week and sat in its box while our old enemy, The Weather, attacked us with an endless barrage of rain. Then it cleared, the climate changed and out came the swing, ready for painting.

Blue Painter

It lay there looking pristine and wooden at the front of the Compound, ready for a light sanding and paint. I opted for cheap white enamel primer & paint spray for the first couple of coats and then Rustoleum's "professional grade" white enamel. That was cheap too, thanks, Walmart.

Typical Texan Street Art

Rustoleum's hi-grade spray paint is apparently tough enough for "industrial applications," so I figured it'd probably do the trick. Time, all three of you who read this engaging mind blog, will tell. And I have to say, spray painting wood takes a while; maybe I should have brushed on the primer. Still, perhaps spray makes for a better finish.

Painted, at Last...

Then it was done. A painted porch swing sitting on its cardboard box in front of the house in the Texan sun, waiting for the paint to do its thing and dry in the marketeers' promised 15 minutes, which it pretty much did.

Well I'll be, There's a Swing on The Porch

Now it's on the porch, suspended by two 10' chains and I thank our ancestors for being wise to high ceilings, it makes a difference.

Rifle to Pot

To celebrate this victory, I broke out a pack of venison sausages from their refrigerated prison, made some batter and put it all together in a heavy metal pot. It'll be toad in the hole in a bit, and goes with onion gravy, delicious.

Porch life,


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Satanist Calls Virgin Birth Rape

Nice headline. Some kind of sad clickbait excuse to boost your so-called "blog's" laughably small readership, LSP? If that's your real name, which we doubt. Good question well asked, but no, this one's for real.

Associate MSU prof, Eric Spankle, real name, came out swinging on Twitter, saying that Jesus was a rape baby because the virgin birth was non-consensual. Here he is.

Headshrinker sex-prof Spankle's also a Satanist. Have a look at his attractive Antichrist Tree. So festive and full of the joy of the season!

The curiously named Spankle doesn't like Christianity and thinks it oppressive, which is why he sides with Satanism coz it's all a great larf. Like, haha, look at all those stupid people who believe in God, how ignorant and oppressive. So check it out, here's Satan.

How witty, and note, Baphomet's trans.

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Happy Holidays,


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Stay Nimble

Don't get caught by the Illuminati NWO Cabal, stay nimble. And don't forget, St. Nick punched out Arius at the Council of Nicea because he loved the Lord.

Make His paths straight,


Immaculate Conception

Today's the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so I hope you managed to take some time off from storming hated Macron's green palace on the Champs D'Elysees and contemplated the mystery of Mary conceived without Original Sin.

She was, says the Angel, "full of grace," gratia plena, and who are we to discount Gabriel? Of course Mohammad gave it a shot but that's a different, less edifying story. So here's a few prayers to help on the way.

O GOD, Who, by the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, didst prepare a worthy habitation for Thy Son, we beseech Thee, that as by the foreseen death of that same Son, Thou didst preserve her from all stain, so too thou wouldst permit us, purified through her intercession, to come unto Thee. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

...Do thou, then, O Blessed Mother, our queen and advocate, who from the first instant of thy conception didst crush the head of the enemy, receive the prayers which, united with thee in our single heart, we implore thee to present at the throne of God, that we may never fall into the snares which are laid out for us, and may all arrive at the port of salvation; and, in so many dangers, may the Church and Christian society sing once again the hymn of deliverance and of victory and of peace. Amen.

The hymn of deliverance and of victory at Lepanto, Vienna and on. Be assured we'll sing it again.

Ave Eva,


Friday, December 7, 2018

Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember Pearl Harbor and remember too, that like Hitler, the Japanese didn't think Americans had the stomach for a fight. They were wrong.

The Chinese might think the same today as they expand into the Pacific; one part of a broader attempt to achieve imperial status, and you can't blame them. 

Past US administrations were in the habit of bowing to the Chicom mandarins, whether literally or otherwise. Which brings us to the elite globalists in charge of Europe.

They figured they had the indigenous populace down, that the people were tame to being transformed into a third world workforce. And, like the Japanese vision of America on December 7 1941, were too degenerate and ignorant to fight back.

You can see why this crew of malfeasants thought like this, all the evidence pointed that way. Until it didn't. The Rising Sun didn't look so bright on VJ Day, 2 September 1945, Trump doesn't bow to China and the French are rising up against their elitist, NWO rulers.

Who'd have thought it. America was safely in the Illuminati Sac Magique, Hillary was going to win and France, right in the heartland of the neo-lib project was safely in the rainbow wheelie. But no. 

Pay-to-Play Hillary didn't get elected and the French are busy firebombing tax collection offices while Macron's deploying armored vehicles in Paris. But here's a question. 

What side of the equation do the people who enforce the government's dictates side with, where do they come from; the people who go to cocktail parties at G-20, Davos and Georgetown or somewhere else?

If I was Macron or May I'd be scared, right about now. Stay tuned for peasants' revolts in the UK and everywhere else.

Peace and Love,


Thursday, December 6, 2018


Ask yourself why millions of immigrants are being encouraged to move into the West. Why western culture is denigrated, torn down and its people emasculated. 

Why "whiteness" is taught to our children as some kind of original sin. Ask yourself all of this and  more while wondering who stands to benefit.

On the one hand, it's the ideologues, the leftist revolutionaries that hate the West and want to destroy it. On the other, it's their friends in business, the people that make obscene amounts of money off of a dirt cheap labor force. 

And let's not forget the politicians, here in the US almost exclusively Democrat, who see votes and lots of them, keeping the donkey herd in power for generations. All with the help of their agitprop satraps in the media and Hollywood.

What a recipe for victory, until it isn't. Problem being that the indigenous people of Europe and America, the natives if you like, don't care for their replacement and beggaring at the command of NWO Global Capital.

With that in mind, here at the Compound we're looking forward to a successful march down the Champs Elysees this weekend. 

Of course the hated, despised and loathed Faux Bonaparte Napoleon (FBN), Illuminati Macron, might wish his army and police force were loyal.

Teresa May, take note.



Hear The Sleigh Bells Ring!

I like this infographic because it's so cheerful and festive.

But this one's special too, it expresses hope and Advent expectation.

And look at this! Everyone knows America's popular and glamorous First Lady is a 
talented artist.

Hear the sleigh bells ring,


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tree Wrangling

In the olden days, which I can just remember, you didn't decorate your tree until Christmas Eve but that's changed now. We went looking for trees in Dallas on Monday with a view to getting the job done. 

First stop? Lowes, and I'll be honest, their selection was rubbish. Home Depot was better and we found a tree without too much hassle; a bit on the small side but it'd do. 


Back at HQ the tree went obediently into its stand and there it was, a Christmas tree in a stand, looking annoyingly short. "I have to say, it looks a bit dam short," I told Ma LSP, who suggested we raise it on some kind of platform. But we didn't, the Angel would make it taller perhaps.


It helped, along with lights and ornaments which glittered and gleamed like Christmas is supposed to do. Blue ADC did his bit to help, which mostly involved sleeping at guard and that seemed homely and somehow reassuring. 

All Lit Up

Dog and Christmas tree, sort of thing. A few hours later the tree seemed pretty much there, so we moved outside and lit up the front.

Getting There

Good work and well done, team, you've put up Christmas or most of it anyway. Mission accomplished, we fell back to the kitchen and celebrated the victory. For Blue Voracious that meant treats, well deserved. 

And that readers, all six of you, is the story of that. If you're a Puritan you'll disapprove because you think Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Christ, is pagan, popish idolatry. Long story short, no, it isn't.

God bless,