Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lepanto, Our Lady of Victories

Listen up, heathen. It's the anniversary of the battle of Lepanto, in which a combined catholic fleet under Don Juan of Austria, on october 7, 1571, took on the Turkish Sea Jihad and killed it. Dead.

The Mohammedans, under Grand Admiral Ali Pasha, had hoped to land an invasion fleet on the coast of Italy and seize Rome, which they curiously called the "Big Apple." But they were routed and victory is accredited to the miraculous intercession of the Blessed  Ever Virgin Mary.

Ali Pasha was killed in the action aboard his ship, the Sultana, which had engaged Don Juan's flagship, the Real. Pasha's severed head was subsequently displayed on the Real on the end of a pike.

Today's TransMed Jihad comes in a different form and the Moslems don't have a navy; neither, of course, do the Europeans. I'll leave it to you to figure out if the threat is any less real.

Salve Regina,



The Egyptian said...

Take this for what it's worth, maybe we are paying the price for the reformation, thanks to Luther Christianity is so split it is unimaginable to see a united force against the Muslims.

The last time a force was seen of this magnitude was WW2 and the US made sure that all faiths were cared for against a non religious force, now this is religious and we are in trouble.
confused idiots are allowing Muslims to use their churches in some places, do they not realize that according to the child rapist Mohammad any religious building that a Muslim prays in once is considered Islamic property PERIOD, they are laying claim like a dog does to fire hydrant

LL said...

Many of today's Mohammedans come across the med in small boats, owned by do-gooders, who ferry them across for free. Once across, they never return home to their Muslim paradises.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

If only they had known that Islam would conquer Europe 500 years later they could have saved themselves the trouble.