Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Range is Hot

Keen-eyed readers of this well known mind blog will have noticed that it's been raining in Texas because the state hasn't paid George Soros' hated Weather Tax. We prefer to stand free of that and other NWO, Green Globalist carry-on. 

With that in mind, two Top Experts drove over from Dallas to the Compound, in search of a shoot.

We set up at Chandler's, somewhere between Whitney and Waco and tested out a couple of rifles, a Remington 700, a Winchester Featherweight and a Sako nice-as-you-like-I-want-one. All chambered in 30-06, the American round. How did the weapons shoot? 

Right on the money. The Sako was new and topped off with some kind of German optic which the Experts wanted to sight in. They did; well done Team. A beautiful rifle and all the more so for its variable trigger. 

On one setting it's light enough and crisp; on another, achieved by cocking the rifle and pushing the trigger forward, it's super-light, maybe 1Ib. Just touch it and BOOM, off flies a mighty 30-06, 180 grain bullet. Nice work, Sako.

The Remington 700 did well too, cheers, pawn shop, sending rounds down range with far more accuracy than the operator warranted. Breathe, LSP, you'll be a better shot.

Shoulders battered by mighty cannonry, we headed for home and here's the thing. Time spent at the range is never wasted. At the very least you'll get some fresh air and the chance to reconnect with your marksmanship. 

Who knows, maybe that'll prove useful in the hunting field and elsewhere.

Your  Old Pal,



LL said...

That's a nicer range than the one at the compound.

A day at the range is always better than a day wasting time (doing anything else except fishing).

drjim said...

These days I fear the "And elsewhere" part may be more important.

And LL beat me to the snark of the fishing comparison......

LSP said...

LL, it looks nicer and it's more put together, but I like the freedom of the other; just you and the guns. Saying that, Chandlers is a good solution when the Compound's usual set up's flooded...

LSP said...

I love fishing and shooting, drjim!

LindaG said...

Thank you for the reviews. That Sako sounds like a really interesting rifle.

LSP said...

Sure thing, Linda. The Sako was really nice, I want one!