Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jihad And The Enemy Within

It takes a special kind of stupid to say that Islam is inherently peaceful, as though Mohammed was some sort of sand dune Gandhi. And with that in mind, we're not doing anyone any favors by pretending otherwise. 

Islam is and always has been a war religion and it's at war with the non-Islamic world now; recent atrocities prove the point, as if that was necessary. But what if our own governments are complicit?

What if the ruling powers of the West, in company with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, have financed, trained and supported the very same same Jihad that's now cutting people's throats in Borough Market? Here's Zerohedge:

This combination of Anglo-American policies across the region has contributed to further instability and the rise of violent jihadism. In fact, an even stronger conclusion may be warranted based on the evidence of the extent of UK covert and overt action in the region in alliance with states consistently supplying arms to terrorist groups: that agencies of the British government itself have, in some senses, become part of the broader ‘terrorist network’ with which the British public is now confronted.

It's long but you can should read the whole thing here.

Fanatical Islam, by the beard of the Prophet, may very well be an enemy, all the evidence points to that. So too, it appears, are the corrupt interests of our political class and we're not going to defeat the one without defeating the other. I'll leave you with this small taste of corruption:

While Tory politicians have defended the arms sales to Saudis as a move to shore up Britain’s allies in the region, Tory members of Parliament have collected £99,396 ($128,035) in gifts, travel expenses, and consulting fees from the government of Saudi Arabia since the Yemen war began.

That, I'd suggest, is the smallest tip of the iceberg and might go some way towards explaining the curious persistence of the Jihad and its mysterious impunity in the UK and Europe. All this to say nothing of the useful idiocy of the multicultural left, but therein lies another tale.

In the meanwhile,

ISIS Laughs.



Adrienne said...

The muslim mayor of London allowed a group of muslims to be first to lay flowers in Manchester while the white Europeans waited behind barricades. What the hell is wrong with these people that they tolerate such a thing.

Oh, and your BFF Welby was standing around looking properly prayerful. Puke!

Anonymous said...

England expects every man to do his duty.


LL said...

Isn't Welby the leader of WANC?

Anyway, fighting the jihad requires that the enemy be firmly identified and that the law be changed if needed to allow the government to deal with that enemy.

England needs to resurrect those stalwart souls who held back successive Viking invasions in the 9th Century, and put them in charge of the current effort. (I don't expect the leader of WANC to manage the resurrection)

Adrienne said...

I meant to say London Bridge, not Manchester.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I'm baffled. Why did Londoners elect a Muslim Mayor? Maybe they'll think twice next time. FFS.

LSP said...

Saw that, Anonymous. Millwall. Brave man.

LSP said...

LL, I don't want to seem eccentric but somehow I don't see the leader of WANC as part of the solution?

That said, I'm all in favor of the resurrection.