Friday, April 7, 2017

Bombs Away, ISIS Laughs

In the wake of America's attack on a Syrian government airfield, Russia has declared that relations with the US are "crippled."

So too are the chances of a US/Russian alliance against Islamic terror. Rather than join forces against the head choppers, it seems that America and its President have opted to support Saudi Arabia and Qatar in their push to remove Assad, via the use of mercenary Jihadists. And US missile power.

Oh no, can't do that!

If we succeed in toppling the Assad regime then our friends in Riyadh and Doha can, at long last, drive a pipeline through Syria and break Russia's hold over European oil and gas.

Of course that comes with a price, yet more Jihad savagery, yet another country ruined by US foreign policy and the chance of war with Russia. Still, at least no one can accuse Trump of being a Russian spy, unless they work for one of our lying, mendacious, venal, corrupt, elite media outlets, like CNN.

In related news, a Mohammedan rammed a truck into a crowd of people in Stockholm. You'd think we'd team up with Russia to put a stop to this disease.

Apparently that's beyond us.

ISIS laughs,



Infidel de Manahatta said...

Have we learned nothing from Vietnam? He we go again getting involved in another civil war that becomes a proxy war between two superpowers.

LL said...

If Assad is toppled, who will take his place?

That is the only question I'm asking you here. It's really the only question that matters. President Trump should be able to answer that, but he can't.

The Egyptian said...

the bigger picture,

the Syrian bombing is done, Trump is enjoying an after dinner coffee with the leader of the chicoms, casually mentions " oh, by the way about the nroks" smiles and goes on with his coffee :>)

3 dimensional chess

LSP said...

I hope it doesn't become that, Infidel.

LSP said...

Good question, LL. A coalition of the radical Jihadists we've armed and supported?

LSP said...

Egyptian, a Trump v. Chicom/Nork power play that has the double advantage of getting the corrupt, elite, pugnacious, lying media on side and their GOP/Dem patrons? A lot of people are suggesting it...