Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I'm sure that the small handful of you that read this international mind blog will be fascinated to know that  I drove across Dallas to see the dentist and get a post operation check up. Was the oral horror story heading in the right direction?

Apparently yes, thank God, and big thanks to the tooth puller for a generous clergy discount. In related news, the GOP is trying to work out some alternative to the hated, despised and useless Obamacare. Why didn't they have something in place and ready to go? Perhaps they weren't planning on winning the election.

Speaking of which, Geert Wilders is having a go in Holland. Let's see how that plays out. 

Keep your teeth in,



LL said...

And what I tell my grandchildren is "don't bite your friends" (see Facebook today).

You need proper teeth to bite a ribeye though.

Anonymous said...

Teeth can get you into all types of trouble just ask Blue.