Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The MAGA Snow Globe!

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the beauties of the Christmas season, especially if the gift is a Make America Great Again (MAGA) Snow Globe, featuring our new President in full Napoleonic regalia.


Hold the MAGA Snow Globe still and look into the resolute eyes of our new Commander. So different from the shifty glance of the last miscreant to hold office. 

Winter Wonderland

Then shake the globe and let it snow!

If you want to play your part in making America great again, get a genuine MAGA Snow Globe by emailing the Compound with your order and our hardworking team of specialists will rush one to you in the mail (price on request). Satisfaction guaranteed.




LL said...

It's not too late to give them as Kwanza gifts.

LSP said...

That's a very good call, LL.

BW said...

I want one please. I would like a Melania one too!

LSP said...

Coming right up, BW.