Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Best Thing About The National Geographic is...

We're cancelling our subscription! Irate readers everywhere are dumping the child abusing National Geographic like it's a box of hated Kellogg's cereal. Why?

Because the laughably leftist magazine promotes abusive gender reassignment surgery for children and it ignores women, real women that is, unlike their chemically altered, scalpelled male counterparts.

Where's the Woman? Hint, there isn't one.

Word to the wise. Smart people are dumping Lindblad (LIND) stock like it's going out of style. Not dissimilar, come to think of it, to the once informative and relevant but now pathetically dated National Geographic.

The trash cans are full and getting fuller. Join the movement.




LL said...

They are trying to be a trail blazer and encourage the tranny trend. It worked for Michelle back when she was Mitchel.

drjim said...

I grew up reading National Geographic, and I find it very, very sad that they've dropped to this level. Their "Global Warming" alarmist BS was enough for me to never pick up another issue, but this is a new low for them.

Same thing happened to Scientific American, which is now equally good bird cage liner, if a bit expensive for that use.

LSP said...

Right, LL. And look the O Team now. Out of power. Then there's Hillary. Wrong side of history, National Geographic.


LSP said...

I did too, drjim, and thought it was pretty good. My kids have a subscription, even. I say "have," make that "did."

LindaG said...

So sad. I used to enjoy reading National Geographic. I don't like the educational they do now.

Used to be kids outgrew 'dress up' and 'play acting'. Now it seems to be encouraged or even insisted on?

I told hubby, if we still lived in NC (or CA, for that matter), and our kids were still school age, I would be learning how to home school. That one bathroom for all is just sick.

Haven't had a subscription in years, or I would happily cancel mine.

LSP said...

Linda, "Used to be kids outgrew 'dress up' and 'play acting'. Now it seems to be encouraged or even insisted on?"

Well said.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

When NatGeo started firing all their writers who wouldn't pledge to support evolutionary propaganda, it was over. Sad to say, that was decades ago. They have since only doubled down on their intellectual suicide. May their favorite devil take them. I care not. My subscription got canceled, with gusto, in 1982.