Friday, December 23, 2016

Jihad Savage Shot Dead

Anis Amri, the crazed Muslim savage who went truck jihad in Berlin, has been shot dead in Milan by police.

Amri, left Tunisia in 2011 and entered Italy, claiming to be a Syrian refugee. He was subsequently jailed for arson and robbery and became radicalized in prison. Amri then took his newfound faith in the religion of peace to the streets of Berlin, where he killed 12 people by ramming a truck into a crowded Christmas market.

Jihad Savage Shot Dead

The Jihad savage released a video, pledging allegiance to ISIS and vowing to kill "crusader pigs." He was stopped at a roadblock in Milan and killed when he opened fire on police.

Look at all those peace loving members of the Religion of Peace!

Listen up, Germans, and everyone else. If you don't want more Muslims killing people at Christmas markets, you'd better wake up and take the Jihad seriously. That means eradicate the threat. 

I'll leave you, the reader, to reflect on method.

Deus Vult,



Infidel de Manahatta said...

I'm shocked that the morally and intellectually superior Europeans would resort to cowboy American methods to stop him.

Whatever happened to the superiority of soft power?

Oh yeah, that's right. Too many people got killed.

TOM said...

What a POS for a Lawyer that leftist Fsg is. I truly hope that nobody hires him and his "wife". I mean his "Husband" a college professor should be fired on the spot. What type of professionals are. America breeding these days to verbally attack the President Elect's daughter on an airplane !
The left is really putting out some really stupid Scumbags these days !

LL said...

I'm with Infidel (above). I thought that the progressive thing to do was to 'parole' him and trust in the jihadi's love of his fellow man as a member of the religion of peace.

"IT'S THE COPS! Blame them for this act of aggression. Put them on trial, lock them up." -- That's how Black Lives Matter and Barack would have called it.

The Europeans may be re-thinking their open border policies. Germany to Italy without having to produce ID...

Adrienne said...

What's all this crapola of him being "radicalized" in prison. He was in prison for burning down a refugee center. I call that pretty radical.

LSP said...

Infidel, maybe if everyone sings John Lennon's Imagine, ON A CONTINUOUS LOOP, the Jihad will stop.

LSP said...

Those rainbow riders certainly win the genius prize, Tom.

LSP said...

LL, it's clearly a case of racist police aggression. Ask Rev. Sharpton.

LSP said...

I think he "found religion" in jail, Adrienne... and that's weird, he should've become more peaceful. You know, it being he religion of peace and all.

LSP said...

Tom, I agree.