Thursday, October 6, 2016

Welsh Church Plummets, Where's Barry?

The stats are in and they're not looking good for the Anglican Church of Wales. Figures show that the already small church has gotten even smaller, with worshiping attendance dropping by a whopping 50% since 1990, leaving a mere 29,019 people attending church on any given Sunday. 

Archbishop Barry Morgan 

To put the decline into perspective, the shrinking Anglican Church of Wales has an average Sunday attendance smaller than the population of greater Aberystwyth.

Another Sunny Day in Aber

This discouraging trend prompted the Rev. Stephen Bunting to warn the church’s governing body that unless something changes, the church’s centenary celebrations in 2020 will be “just a few cucumber sandwiches at a wake.” 

The Welsh Church's leader, Archbishop Barry Morgan, believes that gay marriage is biblical. Barry was last seen over the Bristol Channel, at an altitude of 1000'. 

Unconfirmed Report of Barry Morgan Drifting Above Borth

Reports that the high-flying Archbishop was seen drifting over Borth golf club are unconfirmed.

Gorau Moes Gwasanaeth,



LL said...

Why would people wish to "worship man's doctrine" unless it was to salve their consciences and to justify abomination? The faithful will go elsewhere and seek Him in other places. Barry is likely enjoying the buggary of boys to the extent that he is uncaring.

The answer would be that Barry and his minions should repent and turn to Christ. I'm sure that's not something that would ever occur to the Archbishop.

Anonymous said...

Where is Barry? A4226.