Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In The Hall of The Turkey Grill

We were looking for hogs, somewhere in West Texas, in a Pinzgauer, eyes peeled and guns hot. Off to the left, slight movement, not pigs but turkey, three or four of them, a couple of hens and a tom. Out! sight on the birds. 

Quick, they're starting to fly. Crack, someone's got a shot off. Feathers drift in the near distance and we move forward to see if the bird was down. It was.

stand on a stool or something, LSP

Shot with a Winchester 70 30-06, of all things. Good work. Back at the ranch house we breasted the bird and that was that, it went into the freezer. Until last night.

The Turk found itself in a dutch oven, potatoes went into another oven and a Glock somehow made its way onto the mahogany. Did the Turk taste good?

Sure it did, and the firearm proved itself a stable home defender. You better believe no one crept in under the perimeter. And that was that.

Feast on,



LL said...

The Pinz is a formidable rig. It won't do that well on the Interstate, keeping up with traffic, but on the trail they are MAGIC.

Good going with the turkey! Wild turkeys have more dark meat on them as I recall. A feast to be remembered. Smart move with the Glock in the event that hungry zombies showed up.

Jules said...

Hunter gatherer. That is a big bird.
Nice fireplace.

Mattexian said...

I doubt Blue Crumbcatcher would share anything with intruders, so he'd make decent event security.

Theodore said...


Hope to have one of those birds for myself in a week or so.

LSP said...

LL: What a neat rig, eh? And it was a memorable hunt, not least for the Indian art and the terrain, which reminded me of Africa. Not that I'm an expert.

The Turk was pretty tasty, too, and all the better for "doing it yourself." GWB took the shot, quick action. And for sure, the added security of a Glock on the table didn't hurt either!

LSP said...

Huge great bird, Jules. And what a good fireplace -- I'm trying to get LL to build one in his Mountain Redoubt (MR). Worth it, surely.

LSP said...

That, Mattexian, is an excellent point.

LSP said...

Good luck, Theodore.

Shoot the Turk!