Wednesday, August 31, 2016

They're Not Saying It's Aliens

But they're not saying it isn't, either, which is why ET boffins at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are tuning their telescopes onto a mysterious signal coming from a star in the Hercules constellation, HD 164595.

A tentative translation of the signal reads:

"I don't have a good answer to it. If we were the only Church here and [there were] no other Churches, and if division didn't matter it would be much easier to answer. We were traditionalist, then we were vicious. Now we just look odd."

The stargazing scientists who discovered the strange signal, led by Nikolai Bursov of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Special Astrophysical Observatory, think that HD 164595 is as a good candidate for SETI investigation as any. “Permanent monitoring of this target is needed,” they say.

Others discount the signal as "meaningless gibberish."

"It's just stray signals being microlensed by the star's gravitational pull," said one SETI source, "They don't mean anything, it's meaningless gibberish."

Justin Welby, who is known on social media as the Deputy Anti-Christ, was unavailable for comment.

To the Stars,



LL said...

I'm sure that Hillary knows what they're saying. Justin must know too, but he's not talking.

Fredd said...

Better let my Aunt Sally take a look at the transcript; I'm pretty sure she can find a recipe for something just God awful in there among the jibberish and then whip it up for company.

And call it 'Alien Surprise.' Hmmmmm, I can just taste it now.....

LSP said...

Of course Hillary has Huma to interpret and Huma has djinn power. Whether Justsin is part of that is open to speculation.

LSP said...

"Alien Surprise," well done Aunt Sally!