Friday, June 3, 2016

The Miracle of The Widow of Nain

There's been a momentary lull in the War on Weather, giving us all time to reflect on the miracle of the widow of Nain, which is the Gospel reading for Sunday. In it we find two processions.

One is a procession of death, led by the grieving widow who has lost her only son. The other is a procession of life, led by Christ. At the point of contact, Christ is moved with great compassion and love. "Weep not," he tells the woman, and in power summons the son's soul back to his body and restores him to life. 

The widow and her son are, of course, types or figures of ourselves and the Church who are met, loved and given life by Christ. I found this reflection helpful, here's the conclusion:

The story of the widow of Nain is a wonderful story. It reminds us that the Gospel, like the Christian life itself, is seamless and perfect. The demands made on us are no less than the demands of love and of faith. As the Apostle John said, God is indeed love. And He responds to us, to the Church, as we in faith and in love cry out to him. For ourselves, for each other. For the living; for the dead; for the entire world. We cry out for mercy and for love and always – always – God responds. It is for this – faith and love – that we will be held accountable at the dread judgment seat. Nothing else. Not buildings, not numbers, not visible success. Faith and love. This is our life in the Church, it is our life in Christ.

You can read it all here, and if you think, in a fit of brazen, stiff-necked, secularist nihilism that it's all a load of pious nonsense, consider the reverse of the qualities of faith and love and see how far they get you.

God bless,



LL said...

So you've written off the weather entirely? The war on Global warming and cooling aren't important anymore? No more building an ark at the compound to lift the righteous from the Texas soil?

Endless compassion toward humanity is the lesson of Christ, and it is his message to us...however in Texas, you also need a boat.

LSP said...

As I understand it, the two things are connected.

Endless compassion, per Christ, necessitates building a boat. Otherwise everyone will drown under the Climate Change, all because we didn't care enough. Hardly a Gospel attitude.

Looked at from another angle, we could say that building a boat is nothing less than a vital part of waging a Just War. Fighting an aggressor, in this case The Weather, is just. But how can we stay in the fight if we're not afloat? Hence the boat.

I see you as Head of Ship Security.

LL said...

My political career took a big leap forward today. We shall see how we fare next week.

Brig said...

How does one get two of all the creatures of the seas on that boat?

Mattexian said...

Brig, put 'em in the live well! You don't think any boat built by LSP isn't gonna be readily convertible for fishing?

Euripides said...

Faith and love, but the greatest of those is love. Thanks for the sermon LSP.

Now how about adding an air conditioning unit to that boat to fight global warming?

LL said...

Yes, the ark needs a solid A/C system. And a galley with a world class chef. I have other demands as well such as an automated system that takes care of animal waste products (because I can't imagine it smelled like roses at the bottom of the original ark). Then again any boat is better than a piece of driftwood to cling to and the driftwood is better than trending water.

LSP said...

Mattexian has a point, Brighid! Of course the wells have to be large.

LSP said...

Well said, Mattexian.

LSP said...

That's an interesting point, Euripides. The boat will be cooler because it's hotter. Settled science.

LSP said...

These are all important quality control issues, LL. I'm glad you're on the job.