Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Patriarch Kirill Calls For a Holy War

While Western Christianity dithers, obfuscates and appeases its enemy, the Jihad, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has called for a "Holy War" against the Islamic fanatics.

Speaking at a Mass on the Feast of St. George, during the commemoration of Russia's overwhelming victory over the Hitlerite Nazis, the Patriarch stated:

“Today, when our warriors take part in combat operations in the Middle East, we know that this is not an aggression, occupation or an attempt to impose some ideology on other people, this has nothing to do with supporting certain governments. This is the fight against the fearsome foe that is currently not only spreading evil through the Middle East but also threatening the whole of mankind.”

No, fighting the Jihad is not an "aggression" but a just war. Kirill continued:
“This is why the war on terrorism today is the holy war today. I pray to God that people all over the world understand this and stop dividing terrorists into good and bad ones as well as connecting the war on terror with their own goals, that are often non-declared yet strongly present on the political agenda.”

Now The Jihad's Really Scared

And on:

“Let us pray that our nation’s armed forces always and in all circumstances remain faithful to the spiritual principle guiding their participation only in the fight against evil, the fight for justice, and the protection of human life.”

At this point in time, the leaders, spiritual and temporal of the West, are unable or unwilling to name their mortal enemy. An enemy that's not even bothering to hide, very much, in plain sight, Islam. 

Kirill and Russia have had the temerity to call it like it is. Maybe, at some point before the Sharia Police start throwing people off of buildings in European cities, the West will wake up.

The Religion of Peace. Wake Up, Fools.

In the meanwhile, a Jihadist stabbed and killed some Germans at a train station in Bavaria the other day, shouting Allahu Akbar and words to the effect of "Die, infidel pigs!" German police insist this has nothing to do with Islam. 

Right. Perhaps the Methodists did it. Or Pope Francis.



tooldieguy said...

It's a sad day when the Russians have more clarity than most of the western world. But here we are. Thanks for the clear focus, Padre.

LL said...

The world has taken on the surreal.

At least somebody is willing to stand against the savages.

Maybe we can make America great again?

LSP said...

Thanks, Tooldieguy.

LSP said...

I agree, LL, everything's pretty upside down right now. I think it might get worse before it gets better, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Why are most of our Western clergy rainbow unicorns, when seventy years of persecution, Gulags and martyrdom made the Russian clergy Lions?

LL said...

The Russian clergy is a reflection of the reaction that Russian leadership has toward issues such as homosexual demonstrations, the rise of Islam, and so forth. The American clergy's reaction to American leadership, is likewise predictable, with many of them supporting the open restroom thing.

LSP said...

Interesting, Anonymous. Why did the western clergy turn into rainbow unicorns? Good question.

LSP said...

I guess the answer lies in the fact that many clergy are nothing more than creatures of the age and mimic its spirit, and its leaders.

I'd say that was completely, utterly, and badly wrong.

Theodore said...

Its telling/sad that when I bandy about with my conservative friends on the whole "Liberals say they'll move to Canada if X is elected" that for us the option has pretty much become Russia: fighting the good fight against Islam, holding back the rainbow warriors, etc. Growing up in the '80s, I'd never have thought I'd have more in common with the Evil Empire than the good ol' US of A.

Theodore said...

Also, I blame Vatican II and its ilk.

LSP said...

What can I say, Theodore -- Vatican Two? Empty the Pew.

Trustworthy Servant said...

Before my words are thrown out and trampled on, let me just say that I respect that we have rights. The Almighty gave us rights, there is no doubt about that.
My issue is the term "holy war". I am not orthodox, but I am a believer in the resurrection. We see that we have to stand up for what we believe, but not in the way he is saying. Our example is the messiah. He showed us how to act in the face of aggression. Why do we as believers have a hard time doing this? Because our pride gets in the way. We think we need to go after the aggressors when in reality we need to simply show them "the way". If they kill us, then good. We have finished our work, and have a reward in heaven. If they walk away then we have our lives, and another day to proclaim the truth. If they change their mind, and become believers, then we have gained a brother/sister.
We shouldn't applaud the deeds of the wicked, (when muslims kill other muslims) and we shouldnt follow the mindset of those who advocate wicked deeds, even if it seems good. Please think about these things before we get our youth into verbal/physical fights with those who are not believers of the resurrection.