Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Bushcraft Wednesday!

So you're out there in the bush, using your craft, and you need an axe. In fact you need a battle tomahawk, but you can't climb into the Audi and run off to REI, or wherever, and buy one. That defeats the point, because Bushcraft is all about doing it yourself, without supermarkets, overpriced gear stores and Nanny State looking over your shoulder. So what do you do?

Forge a WAR-HAWK out of an old ball peen hammer. Here at the Compound, we're delighted to share this useful how-to video from Becker Forge.

Throw that Axe,



LL said...

I hope that means that you will be adding a new forge building at the compound. I for one would LOVE to improve my blacksmithing skills.

One thing is certain. If I ever get a compound up and running, it will have a forge in it.

LL said...

Once the forge is up and running you'll need to bring in a guest instructor to get us into pattern welding (Damascus) steel.

Fredd said...

Who needs a forge, just use an oxy-acetylene rig. Works just fine. Yes, forges have that ooo-ahhh effect, sure. I'm all for ooo-ing and ahhh-ing when I'm tetched by the spirit.

LSP said...

LL, I'm taking stock of the setup here and I don't see a forge. I think that ought to be put right.

Good Damascus steel point.

LSP said...

Thanks for the tip, Fredd. Now I need an Oxy rig, as well as a forge.

LL said...

Let's face it, LSP, you also need an auto shop with a lift...and you need to buy out a Snap-On Truck and tool-up. I'm just adding to the list for when you go to Bishop Jack with your demands.

Forge (check)
Oxy welding rig (check)
Complete auto shop (check)
Complete gun repair shop (you can point out how you're almost there now)
Indoor rifle and pistol range because Texas is fast becoming a rain forrest (check)
Bass Pond (check)
Hire Karen (of burrito fame) to be the chef there at the compound (check)

LSP said...

Everything you say is true. And let's face it, all I'm asking for is sufficient infrastructure to be a DIOCESAN RESOURCE.

lukeya said...

Nice, although I'd like to see it done with a traditional coal/coke forge and all hand that would really be an effort

lukeya said...

Lathe and milling machine.....check
Pillar drill....check
Metal cutting bandsaw....check
TIG welding rig...check
Small tractor....check

Its surprisingly easy and not too expensive to build a workshop Padre, and as you say..its the Diocese that would really benefit

LSP said...

I'm seriously considering it!

Mattexian said...

That vice and draw knife look to have made quick work of slimming down the handle. Much quicker progress than I'm doing, free-hand shaving with my army-green Mora on an old shovel handle, to make a shaft for a valaška or fokos (a Carpathian shepherd's axe), so I can slide a CS 'hawk head on there.