Monday, May 16, 2016


The great thing about the day after Pentecost is that you get to go fishing, at least that was the plan. Walk the dog, get a coffee at the pick 'n steal, then head off to the fish zone. A simple, elegant, straightforward Monday solution and it was going so well. Then the key snapped in the lock of the front door.

The View

I stared hard at that lock. Maybe telekenesis would move the key. No, it didn't, fail. Then I tried to pry the key out of its lair with needle nose pliers, a knife, and nail cutters. That didn't work either. Useless. So what do you do?

The Cry Babies

Sit around whining, like a cry baby, spoiled brat social justice warrior, and accuse the keyed up lock of oppressive gender stereotyping? Or maybe you stand there, open-mouthed like a Bass, hoping that the State will step in and fix the lock, with its big government magic? 

The Cylinder

You can try all that; sure, go ahead, just don't be surprised when your lock stays permanently broken. I chose a different path, I took the thing apart.

The Cam

Getting the key out of the cylinder wasn't too hard and I took it to the hardware store, where a helpful keysmith cut me a new one, using the broken offender as a model. He assured me "it wouldn't work." Thanks, key bloke. But it did, and everything turned out fine, except for the fishing, which didn't happen.

The Fix

So there it is, a fishing experdition stopped dead in its tracks by locksmithery. I'll have to make up for that tomorrow.




LL said...

Ok, I thought this thing was going in a completely different direction.

This was the scenario that I saw playing out except that it didn't: After extracting the broken key, you turned it into a fishing lure and took it to your favorite pond, tossed it in and an 83 lbs pike snatched it, landing you the Lake Whitney record fish, putting you in the Guiness Book for all time, etc.

But tomorrow is another day.

LSP said...

That would've been a better outcome but as soon as I got a key solution, a print proof came in that was defective and had to be sorted out. Nail in the expeditionary coffin.

Tomorrow, however, is a different story.