Friday, May 27, 2016

Crazy Mental Insane Fishing

There I was at Lake Whitney, casting away without a whole lot of success, and my luck was mirrored by the multi-ethnic band of anglers that make up modern America's fishing community. Good people, no doubt about it, but no one was catching any fish.

Then Shad started schooling in the channel, about 30 yards off of the bank. You could see them flicking out of the water and swirling in ever increasing numbers. I waded out along a submerged ledge to get in the action and send my lure into the Shad in the hope of picking up feeding Bass. 

Random Widemouth

Not much was happening, just more and more of the jolly little Shad messing about in the water. Then it happened. A surging, leaping, exploding wall of Bass broke the water about 30 feet off to the left, blitzing the Shad.

Staring in wonderment at the Bassnado, I cast into the thickest part of the surge and down went the lure. No twitching, no scientific retrieve, just boom. Fish on. Two fish were on in fact, one on each treble, and that became apparent as I reeled them in to the ledge. I held them up for my wading wary Latino pals to see, "Ha! Topwater!" they thought that was pretty cool, "You're on them, man."

No sooner were the Hybrids back in the water to live to fight another day, than another wave of marauding Bass exploded up. Cast! And another catch. This went on for about 30 minutes, as Bass tsunami after tsunami burst on the merry little band of Shad. 

I tell you, it was crazy, mental, insane, fast fishing. Watching the ferocity of the Bass erupting out of the water was excitement enough. Catching them only added.

Then the sun was setting and it was over; time to head back to the compound.

God bless,



Fredd said...

I had one moment like yours on a high mountain lake in Oregon, maybe 45 years ago. Instead of bass, though, the madness was from a school of kokanee (land locked salmon). Crazy insane, for sure. And fun, crazy insane fun.

LSP said...

I like the sound of that high mountain lake, and the salmon... but I'm not complaining about the bass wave. Never seen anything like it -- this leaping predatory wall of surging fish. I'm still excited!

LL said...

It's like piraƱa after a bleeding anything!

You definitely are onto something!

To heck with "cooking with LSP". We need a YouTube channel, "FISHING WITH LSP"!!

LSP said...

It sure has been good lately -- big excitement! Let's see if it continues...

Euripides said...

Bassnado. Heh.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...


LSP said...

It was like that, Euripides. Never seen the like.

LSP said...

It sure was, Grunt. I'm hoping for a repeat.