Monday, April 25, 2016

Obama is Weird & Ridiculous. Germans Wake Up.

"Obama is ridiculous and weird," says London Mayor, Boris "Bojo" Johnson. And who am I to disagree? Britons, obey your ruler. But of course Bojo is entirely normal and not weird at all. Still, I'm not sure why he insists on messing about in pink cowboy hats unless it's a low gambit to win votes.

I say, Bojo, steady.

Regardless, we used to enjoy the occasional drink together back in the day, not that he'd remember. But speaking of weird, have you noticed how a German comedian is being prosecuted by Frau Merkel's State for making fun of Sultan Erdogan in a rude TV "bit"? 


Germans. You must stop this! Obey your Muslim Overlords and your Supreme Sultan, Recep Erdogan. There must be no more German TV with this mocking of your Sultan! It is for your good that you obey him and his servant Merkel.

This is Forbidden!

There must be an end to poems mocking your ruler, Erdogan, and his friendship with goats, young boys, and ISIS. This is forbidden. Forbidden with Jail! Germans obey!

Bojo, Cut it Out.

But seriously, you can go to jail in Germany for making fun of the crazed Muslim despot Recep Erdogan? Really? C'mon guys, don't put up with that.

In the meanwhile, let's have Hagia Sophia back. I'm counting on Putin.

New Constantine,



LL said...

I don't know quite what to say.

LSP said...

Obama, Boris, Merkel and Recep, all in one post. A lot to conjure with, I must admit. You'll note Boris is looking a bit beleaguered in that last photo... and what kind of Conservative Party would sell out to the rainbow brigade?