Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's Bushcraft Wednesday!

Bushcraft is a skill, the skill of living and surviving in the wild, and part of that means hunting for your food. But sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

With that in mind, Team LSP is pleased to present this infovideo as a cautionary tale. We hope you find it useful.

Be prepared,



Mattexian said...

I guess that begs the question: at what point does it stop being "hunting" and become "justifiable self defense"? Are bowhunters prohibited from carrying *any* firearms? (I'm thinking I'd want a quick snake pistol. Dunno if that would be enough to stop a horny/enraged buck.) Suddenly a big honkin' "Rambo knife" doesn't seem like a bad idea, as a backup weapon.

Chas Clifton said...

I think the rule is, "With whitetails, fight back; with mule deer, play dead." :)

LSP said...

I was waiting for a knife to come out, Mattexian. You'd think he'd have one on him.

LSP said...

Chas, that seems like a very sound rule!

LL said...

I carry a handgun when bow hunting.

(1) to finish off the dear if that becomes necessary)

(2) in case something comes up unexpectedly - rabid coyote, snake, etc.

Better to have and not need than need and not have.

Fredd said...

If this guy were a fisherman instead of a hunter, he could very well have said "we're gonna need a bigger boat."

(you know, the 'Jaws' scene in which Roy Scheider's character watched the great white shark that they were looking for that was twice the size as his vessel swim under the stern. Since you're a Brit and all, this movie aired quite awhile ago and there's no telling whether you have seen it or not. Go see it, if you haven't. Steven Speilberg's first blockbuster.)

LSP said...

I'd say a handgun makes sense, LL. Bowhunting looks neat too, despite the aggressive buck factor.

LSP said...

I saw that when it came out, Fredd. Great movie.

Some people go shark fishing in kayaks. They might want to watch Jaws first. Just a thought.

Thomas Venney said...