Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Old Boot

The political analogue to Martha Stewart, only way more wicked, is popularly known as The Old Boot. Rumors abound that the FBI's looking for an indictment and that too big to jail isn't going to cut it this time.

A Flying Monkey

It's possible that The Old Boot will be brought before justice around Easter, maybe before, like on Good Friday. That would be especially appropriate.

A Typical Pair of Tasseled Loafers

In the meanwhile, inside-the-beltway gravy-trainers are looking down the barrel of "you're fired."

I like both of the above scenarios.



Fredd said...

Reverend: I have this bad feeling that an indictment is just not in the cards for the Old Boot. Why it hasn't been handed down by now, I suspect Barry would be involved in this mess as well.

Hence my new joke - stop me if you've heard this before:

Q: What's the difference between Hillary Clinton and a ham sandwich?
A: You can indict a ham sandwich.

LL said...

Between the 'Old Boot' being knocked from her perch and Donald Trump soaring to the White House, things will change for the better. Imagine that, just when it didn't appear that much hope was there on the horizon.

LSP said...

I hope you're wrong, Fredd, but I'm not holding my breath... nice joke.

LSP said...

I'll admit it, LL, I'm hoping for a Good Friday. But let's see how well the monkeys protect "Old Boot."