Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Archbishop of Canterbury is Steve Jobs?

Startling new photo evidence suggests that former oil executive and Motorcity brawler, Archbishop Justin Welby, is in fact Steve Jobs.

Evidence emerged at a rural Texan Walmart, where stunned onlookers were shocked to see the face of the Archbishop of Canterbury on CD covers of the smash-hit film, Steve Jobs

Justin Welby, Steve Jobs

"I never knew Justin Welby was the high-tech genius behind Apple," stated one worried farmer, "I thought he was just, you know, an oil executive who went off the rez (reservation) in Detroit, hustling for spare change and trying to pawn his finery on 8 Mile."

Bronski Beat With Justin Welby (Center)

Others aren't convinced. According to sources at the Anglican Consultative Council, "The Archbishop of Canterbury is not Steve Jobs. Everyone knows he was the lead singer with the Bronski Beat. Nothing has changed."

Is Justin Welby Steve Jobs, or the former singer of the famous pop boy band, Bronski Beat?

You, the reader, be the judge.



Fredd said...

Yeah, that's him. And I saw Elvis driving a snow plow last week. He still smokes, by the way. Elvis, not Steve Jobs.

LL said...

I thought that the lizard people could re-skin their faces at will. You are forgetting alien invasion 101.

LSP said...

I saw Elvis once, Fredd, in a pub, in Peckham, London. He was smoking then as well. Gets everywhere.

LSP said...

That adds an extra dimension, LL. AAPL and COE as frontrunners of an alien invasion -- well spotted.